Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gift Tip #67: Collision Kit

Have you ever been in a car accident? I have and having something like the collision kit would have been a huge help. If you've been in an accident you know that you are discombobulated and really are unsure of what to do next. First and foremost, you want to be sure that you and any passengers are okay but the next steps are not so clear and that is where the collision kit comes in. It help you with everything else.
The kit includes everything you need to document the incident and even includes a "what to do" checklist. In addition, the kit includes a disposable flash camera, forms for all parties involved, an envelope for your registration and proof of insurance, as well as a pen and clipboard to write down important facts and information such as witness contact information. This would be a gift to give a new driver or something to place in your own car's glove department box.

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