HoneeBee Gifts is a daily blog that offers creative gift concepts and exceptional ideas to celebrate moments that mean the most to you through gifting. Established in July 2008, the blog is an online outlet to browse gift options and anyone who needs help picking out the perfect gift. HoneeBee Gifts also offers personal gift shopping, one-on-one gift consultation and more.

Simone McDowell, the person behind the blog feels that gifts should be given all year round and has ideas for various holidays, price points and personality. She is available for personal shopping, one-on-one gift consulting, speaking engagements, event hosting and the like.

The mission of HoneeBee Gifts is to elevate the gift experience.

If interested, please email:
She really is Charlotte's expert on finding the perfect gift. I personally think that's because
Simone is such a thoughtful person and she really listens to what you're saying. Those traits with
her great eye for style are what have made her so successful –Olivia Fortson, Charlotte Observer

"It just isn’t the holidays or a special occasion without Simone coming into our studios to do a gifts segment!  She’s got this bright energy and conversational style that really resonates with our viewers.  With such a variety of gift ideas, there’s always something for every one of our viewers.  Forget about boring gift cards, or contrived chocolates and flowers.  Her ideas are so creative and unique, I always end each segment thinking “I can’t wait to give…or get one of those!”-Dion Lim, WCNC NewsChannel 36
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