Monday, December 28, 2009

Gift Tip #24: Calendars

This could not wait until 2010! Yes, it's almost here but I thought I would share this timely gift tip that would be for anyone who wants to keep track of their year and still enjoys the tangible paper calendar. I have a blackberry but it's something about seeing and touching a physical calendar that I still enjoy. For those that you know feel the same, here are a few options I found via Etsy.

via Seller Frogpod

via Seller DirtyBandits

via Seller ModernClassicsPaper

Be sure to pick a calendar that reflects the person receiving it. If you know someone likes nature, the ModernClassicsPaper might be nice, for those that need a laugh the Dirty Bandits calendar may be the right fit or for a person who loves pretty paper, the letterpress calendar may be best.


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Sunday, December 27, 2009

HoneeBee Gifts named one of the top 5 gift blogs!

I am so surprised and excited that my baby, HoneeBee Gifts has been listed as one of the top gift blogs by Networked Blogs. Click here to see the list! There are 50 blogs listed and HoneeBee is #4 on the list!

I would like to THANK everyone who clicked "allow" when I sent you a message about my blog via Facebook or went directly to the blog site, and became a follower.

I really do appreciate your support and I hope that I am assisting with your gifting needs.

I am brainstorming new blog posts and hope to start 2010 with a bang! Please be on the lookout for the latest gift buzz:)

If you have not signed up yet, please do so via Facebook or visiting the HoneeBee Gifts blog.


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays from HoneeBee Gifts

I hope everyone has gotten their gifts and are wrapping them perfectly for Santa's arrival tomorrow! I am off to spend time with family and friends. I can't wait to see my BFF's, my cute nephew...and maybe snow.

Merry Christmas and look for more fab gift ideas in 2010!!!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gift Tip #23: Subscription to Netflix

I love getting something besides bills and circulars in the mail and Netflix is the solution! This gift is for movie connoisseurs, aspiring actors/directors and those rainy nights at home when shaking it at the club and shopping just won't do.

Here are the perks that Netflix has to offer:

  • 100,000 titles to choose from
  • Receive dvd's in about one business day
  • Monthly rentals for less than a martini (It's only $13.99 for one of the unlimited plan )

When packaging this gift...bring some popcorn along to really make the impact!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Gift Tip #22: Original Art

Art can really make a difference in any space, large or small. While it's not like paint, it is a close runner up to changing a room in an instant! I recently got the guts to create a wall collage and am so happy I did so. I am currently looking for artwork to place in the frames. Right now, I have some placeholders (i.e. postcards, magazine ads, stationary, etc) because I am taking my time to pick out pieces that reflect my style.

Art is a tricky gift to give- you really need to know what the giftee likes (watercolors, oil, ink, etc). One way of finding out is visiting a few galleries or art museums with the giftee and remembering which ones he/she resonated with.

Also, art does not have to be expensive but you should be picking pieces that the giftee will love to see displayed for years to come.

Here are some tips when picking out art:

Be patient.
If you’re interested in a particular piece, ask the artist for a photo of it or a link to the artist’s Web site so you can think about it for awhile. Sometimes deliberation will help you avoid the bad impulse buy.

Shop solo or with a trusted sidekick.
Larger festivals can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have all day to browse. You may prefer to shop with a trusted friend, someone who knows their taste and can lend some back-up willpower – to buy or not.

Picture the empty wall.
If you have a particular corner of the house in mind, know the dimensions of the available space. Keep an eye out for surprises, too. You’ll find a place for it if you like it.

If you like it, really really like it, then buy it.
You can find good artwork for a few hundred dollars, and often much less. For the price of a fancy dinner or tickets to a show, you could own a painting or sculpture that you’ll enjoy for much longer than a night on the town.

Study the artist’s biography. Knowing some fundamental information about an artist can help you gauge their potential for growth and will often provide a deeper understanding of their work.

Look for dedication, not education. When looking for a great doctor or lawyer, academic accreditation matters. When looking for great art, however, it is not as important. Artists whose work appreciates the fastest exhibit a strong work ethic and a lifelong dedication to producing great art. Picasso, for example, had no formal training past the age of 16, but was the most prolific artist of the 20th century.

Interact directly with the artist. This allows you the opportunity to augment the information provided in an artist’s biography, and helps ensure a smooth transaction- especially when buying online. It is also advantageous to get a feel for the artist’s personality and stick-to-itiveness.

Negotiate. If you find an artist whose work falls well within your budget, offer to buy multiple pieces at a discounted price. Alternately, you could suggest buying successive pieces over time for a predetermined amount.


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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gift Tip #21: Concert tickets

Whether it's the giftee's favorite hit maker doing a show at Time Warner Cable or a not so known band at the Neighborhood Theatre, he/she is sure to enjoy receiving the tickets and checking out the concert.

To track down tickets, be sure to visit the concert locations website where shows are listed months in advance. Also, check out Ticketmaster, Live Nation and the like to sign up for their concert alerts. They will send you an email when one of your favorite artists (or the giftee's) is coming to town.

This gift would be perfect for a music lover or someone that is interested in "doing something different". It is sure to hit a good note with the giftee:)

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shop for Your Sweetie in Charleston

Here's another great one for you Charleston shoppers compliments of the Charleston Business Journal...

Shop for Your Sweetie: The merchants of Upper King Street are trying to make life a little easier for gentlemen shoppers this holiday season. From 5 to 8 tonight, Upper King is hosting Shop for Your Sweetie. Shops will have refreshments and specialty drinks, and men can browse for gifts from a special wish list or get suggestions from shopkeepers. Participating stores include Lesesne, Butterfly, Seeking Indigo, Sweet 185 and Charleston Power Yoga. After shopping, drop by Fish for complimentary gift wrapping and $1 dim sum.

source: Charleston Business Journal
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Attn Charleston Shoppers- free parking voucher

Hey guys! For those HoneeBee readers in Charleston...or planning to visit during the holidays, City of Charleston is offering two hours of free parking at various garages in the city. If you have been to Charleston, you know King Street is busy, busy, busy with traffic but it also has the best boutiques so the free parking voucher is a real treat.

For the voucher click here! All the participating garages are on the voucher. In addition, the voucher includes a calendar of upcoming cultural events from City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs.

They have the holiday spirit! Happy Shopping!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

HoneeBee Quote

I was browsing through my December issue of Town & Country Magazine and what I saw made me the Beauty & Health section women shared what they do to stay beautiful during these tough economic times and one gave an answer that I recommended to my HoneeBee fam back in May. I called it a Day of Relaxation and it was a tip for Mother's Day. Check out the orginal post here. The Town and Country interviewee, Elaine Griffin, interior designer and author who lives in NYC said:

"My favorite gift to myself is [what I call] spa house, when you have your groomers come to you, especially when they're the best of the's like getting dressed for the Oscars...only in my pj's."

Wow! How cool is that? I'm still only if she said HoneeBee gave her that idea!

Anyhoo, just a reminder that this gift tip that I mentioned for Mother's Day could also be a good holiday gift. Don't forget to check out the HoneeBee Gifts archives too. There's some good stuff there, if I do say so myself:)

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gift Tip #20: Aveda Spa Packages

This might be just the package of the year! Aveda Institute locations are offering spa packages starting at just $46 dollars to "brighten the holidays". Holy Batman, that's low! The $46 dollar package is for 1.5 hours and includes a 30 min. facial, 30 min. manicure and 30 min. pedicure. The highest package is $136 dollars and lasts 3 hours. It includes a 90 min. facial, body wrap, 30 min. facial and 30 min. pedicure.

All services are performed by supervised students and I have utilized the services of the Aveda Institute Charlotte on a number of occasions and have been pleased with the outcome. But, I want to fully disclose that students are the providers of the beauty services and you have to keep an open mind. For example, there was a student who could not do a french manicure but I got a pretty nail color and she did a good job...on the flip side, I got the a great 60 min facial there on another beauty trip.
So get ready to get your beauty on, when you arrive at one of there 11 locations listed here. This could be a solo beauty gift trip for yourself or you could brigthen the holidays for a friend, colleague or family member with manis, pedis and more! This is a great gift for someone who likes being pampered, doesn't take enough time for themselves or needs a beauty pick me up!

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