Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HoneeBee Funny

"Thank God we're living in a country where the sky's the limit, the stores are open late and you can shop in bed thanks to television." - Joan Rivers, Comedian
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gift Tip #44: Champagne Flutes

With New Years Eve coming in a few days, I am now thinking of poppin' a little bubbly for 2011 and good champagne can be had in any container but looks so much better in a pretty flute. There are classics to be had at Tiffany & Company, Williams-Sonoma or even Target but for something a little special, why not splurge on handcrafted champagne flutes. Give these flutes to the one you will kiss into the new year!
Art Nouveau Champagne flutes, etsy seller: SkySpirit8

Hand painted glasses_damask design, etsy seller: RaveOnDesigns

Tree of Love champagne flutes, esty seller: daydreemdesigns

Fun facts:

  • Dom Perignon a Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Hautvillers invented champagne.
  • The pressure in a bottle of champagne is 90 pounds per square inch about three times that in an automobile tire.
  • The famous Marilyn Monroe is said to have taken a bath in bubbly. It took 350 bottles to fill the tub.
  • You should let champagne sit for a couple of minutes after pouring it because it intensifies the aroma and taste.


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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!! Have a wonderful day with family and friends.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

What a Birthday! Real-Life Gift Idea

A friend passed along this great idea and I had to's a spa birthday gathering and yes, I know spas are the go-to thing to do but what makes this gift special is the extra steps this birthday girl took for her guests. What I love the most about this...

1. The Birthday Girl "It's not all about me" mentality: The Birthday Girl wants to have a great time for her birthday but also wants her friends to have a great time with her, thus she pays for each of them to enjoy a yoga class on her! She also booked a suite so they "could come and go as they please" throughout the spa day. Not to mention, she planned the whole event!

2. There's something for everyone: It's a great way to bring all your friends together and still please everyone with a variety of things to do. Everyone can enjoy yoga together, as well as lunch but also book their own favorite spa service. Massage, anyone? Mani/Pedi? You can do whatever your heart desires.

3: Beginning and Ending together: The day is to begin with yoga with all her friends and end in the suite where they can swap spa stories and discuss how great the day was...and quite possibly the host!

Here's a portion of the evite that the Birthday Girl sent to her friends....

Hello Ladies,
Soon it will be my 35th Birthday! I’d like to celebrate and start the new year off with a day of relaxation at one of my favorite places, The Carneros Inn in Napa. I have arranged a private yoga session, followed by lunch... om, yum! The morning yoga session will balance us for the day (and for the new year to come). Following yoga, we will have lunch together and partake in something sorta-like a sister circle (more details to come; there will be an assignment :)

But it doesn't end there… after lunch, you can further indulge in other spa services. The Spa has set aside a block of time for our group, and they will require each guest in our group to schedule a minimum of a 60 minute service. I have also reserved a suite for us that will serve as our base for the day… so you can come and go as you please. Once we’ve all wrapped up our afternoon activities, the plan is that we will regroup in the suite to chit chat a bit and reflect on our day.

This is a superb idea for a birthday (even if the Birthday Girl) is not the planner, as well as Girl's Day Out or Bridal Shower. I think just about any girl would love this gift.

And just so you can get even more jealous, here's some pictures of The Caneros Inn where they will have their spa and yoga day! I went on the site and the pictures really don't do it justice!


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gift Tip #43: Pajamas

Pajamas come in so many styles and designs, there's something for everyone. If your looking for a classic look, perhaps pinstripe pj's would work best. Getting ready for a grown-up sleepover with the girls channel your "OMG, it's back to high school" phase with crazy colors and polka dots. Whatever the style make sure it's a good fit for the giftee.
Here are some sleepwear that you would not be embarrassed to have breakfast in....

The Dreamer Flannel Pajama, Victoria's Secret

Bedhead Kaleidoscope Print Pajamas, Neiman Marcus

Athletic Sleepshirt Victoria's Secret

Sidenote: I know some people sleep in the buff but that is not always appropriate...say when Uncle Lou is visiting or the company conference where you have to share a room with the new HR Director.

Extra Idea: Let this be the one gift you open before Christmas so all your family members can wear their new pajamas while opening presents Christmas morning.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

New Groupon-like site: SavvyTown hits Charlotte

There's a new Groupon-like site...and it's not Living Social:) It's called Savvy Town. Check it out:

Here's a little information about SavvyTown from their website...

SavvyTown helps you save up to 90% on your City’s favorite restaurants, salons, spas, wellness services and much more. We offer daily SavvyDeals at a drastically reduced price. You share these deals with friends and family through email, text, facebook and twitter. When enough people buy, the deal is sprung and everyone enjoys the healthy savings. SavvyTown is the simplest way to find remarkable deals on the finest things in your City.

Today's deal is a massage at Zen Massage. I do love Zen, and a good massage so as far as I'm concerned they are off to a good start!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

HoneeBee Quote

I love giving people classic movies-everything from Breakfast at Tiffany's to The Godfather"-Michael Kors, fashion designer

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Tip #42: Gloves

Brrrr, it's cold outside! I have done a post on scarves in the past and now I would like to share a post on the cousin of the scarf....gloves. They go together like PB&J and on a really cold day one without the other just won't do--you need both to keep you toasty! Here are a few options for everyone in the family or friend circle.
Long Leather Zip Gloves, J Crew

Pro Fleece Convertible Mittens, Old Navy

Grommet Belted Glove, Kenneth Cole

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Five Gifts under $25

Here are a few picks for the bargain hunter. These gifts won't break the bank but each giftee will enjoy these budget finds!

Kate Spade 2011 Spiral Desktop Calendar, $20,

Jenni Slippers Supersoft Bootie, $12.99,
tokidoki Perfetta Pencil Case , $ 20,

Herringbone Throw, $21.99,

Chelsea Charm Bracelet, $20,

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Tip #41: Scent Diffuser

I feel welcomed coming into a home that smells good, especially when the scent does not bowl your over but seems completely natural in the space. Scent diffusers come in so many fragrances it may be hard to choose for the giftee. Keep in mind their it relaxing, perhaps a lavender diffuser would work well. Is it bustling with kids and fun, maybe a citrus scent would fair well in the abode. More romantic...try a rose scent.

Here are some options:

Indian Hicks Island Night, Crabtree & Evelyn

Japanese Cherry Blossom, The Body Shop

Island Orchard Mosaic Reed, Pier 1

Extra tip: Diffusers are great in a home but also think about giving this gift to someone who travels, it will make a hotel room feel a little more like home!


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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift Tip #40: Aprons

For many, this time of year calls for more time in the kitchen making tasty treats and holiday meals for family and friends. Aprons let your giftee cook the casserole, bake the pies....or pop open the microwave (I'm not judging!) while still being cute. In addition, aprons act as a barrier between cake batter and that new holiday outfit. Why not slave over the stove in style?
Here are some gift options that will take the outfit of the cook to a whole different level:

Betty Apron, Crate& Barrel
Jitterbug Apron, Anthropologie

Onyx Apron, Sur la Table

This would be a good gift for the family cook or a friend who acts as the chef at every dinner party. Bon appetit!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gift Tip #39: Brooches

Brooches aren't just for your grandmother anymore! They are for your stylish friend, elegant aunt and or sassy tween to add pizazz to your outfit. Traditionally, brooches were worn on a blouse but why not try it on your coat, hat or suit jacket? It adds interest to your clothes and shows a bit of your personality. Here are a few options:

Lydia Brooch, $150, Swarovski Stores or

Kyann Pin, $21, Chico's Store or

Love of my Life Beautiful rhinestone art deco brooch, Seller 2007 Musarra, $62.99

Fun Facts:

  • The earliest known brooches are from the Bronze Age.
  • Brooches were first worn in one's hair.

When purchasing a brooch, think about how the giftee will wear it (i.e. on their cardigan, in their hair, hooked onto a belt loop, etc). Also, think about a favorite item the giftee enjoys, for example does she have a favorite flower, a love of a certain type of animal or simply appreciates a little bling? This will help you to pick out the perfect brooch.


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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Spotlight: Purple Nanny

Who doesn't need their own Mary Poppins these days...or at least a night out without the kiddies? I don't have kids--but I've heard stories--sometimes you need to have some time away from the children you love dearly and that is where Purple Nanny comes in.

Purple Nanny is a childcare placement service based in Charlotte. Purple Nanny is run by a sweet, patient professional who has over 15 years of in-home childcare experience and truly cares about each family she and her staff works with throughout the area. This kiddie wonderland provides newborn assistance, acts as mother's helper, summer care provider and more.
Whether you just need a night out or are going away for a short-term business opportunity, Purple Nanny can help.

Straight from the horse's mouth (Purple Nanny website)
Purple Nanny can locate and evaluate the perfect caretaker for your family. Purple Nanny has the know-how to match a family’s needs and desires with a nanny’s strengths and preferences. This is a collaborative relationship and we know the importance of a good match.
Purple Nanny gives you the peace of mind and assurance that you made a thorough search into selecting your child a professional and caring provider. Our commitment is to the happiness and well being of our most precious gifts.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Spotlight: Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting wants you to be fit and they give you traditional and nontraditional ways to do so. Of course, at the fitness studio you have option of one-on-one personal training where the attention is all on you and your fitness goals or you can opt for the bootcamp classes which are small groups between 5-10 individuals, where you will probably feel like you are in basic training for the Army.

If you are in the military then you know how these classes go. If you're not in the military that doesn't mean you can't get in shape like you are! Bootcamps started as a fad but continue to stay around because of the results they give to various body types, whether a stay at home home who just had baby #2 or a retired military man wanting to get back in shape, there is a bootcamp for you. In addition to training, Shape Up gives you nutritional tips and also has their own newsletter that includes articles based around fitness/nutrition, as well as a healthy recipe that helps you to stay the course.

Straight from the horse's mouth (Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting owner, Michael Anders)
I had created Shape Up Fitness & Wellness with the goal in mind to help people lose their weight, after seeing many fail in big chain gyms and working with unqualified trainers. In 2009 I had to apply my knowledge to my own body. I created the training plan, watched my eating and the pounds melted rapidly off. This made me even more determined to help people achieve their dream body, lose weight and tone!
Here at Shape Up we are able to help YOU reach your goals, whether you are trying to tone your muscles, lose weight or gear up for an athletic event, my trainers at Shape Up will get you there because I only hire the best! Anyone who has ever trained with us will tell you that we push you hard, but man, you have fun doing it!

Get ready to drop and give em' 50, grunt and sweat but it will all be worth it once you start seeing the results!

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