Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blog Block

Maybe it's the extra busy days in the office or my bootcamp class but something has been pulling me away from my blog and honestly I have been having blog block!! This is no excuse to my HoneeBee family but I wanted you to know why you have not heard from me. I promise to do better.

I am headed to the beach and I promise to come back with fresh gift tips, spotlights and more. Hold me to it!

Love, Hugs and Shopping.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


10.7 billion is the amount Black women spend on apparel each year.

source: Essence Magazine
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tax Free Weekend: NOW

If you are in South Carolina or North Carolina you should be taking advantage of tax free weekend. Get to gifting-NOW!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Spotlight: Neela bags

I first came across these eco-chic Neela bags at a Skirt! Magazine event. Guests at the event received gift bags and the best giveaway inside was a Neela wine cute! Since then I have proudly carried their standard market tote on my shoulder (thanks, Tatiana!) and perused their website, which includes all their products, including their signature bag, the Fold-Up Market Tote.

Let me tell you that these bags are a fab way to go green! Colorful designs range from diamondweave to giraffe to damask and more. They also have extra compartments too. For example, my standard market tote has compartments for libations and there's also a side compartment where I can put my keys or gum. Enough about me and my bag! These products would be perfect to nudge someone into going green or for those that have already taken the plunge to save our environment.

While you don't really need a reason to nab a new bag---just to give you some gift for thought:)the recipient could take a her/his new Neela bag to the beach, their next outing to the farmer's market or grocery store. The bags are versatile and at the same time helping the environment.

Here's some additional information about Neela...

From the horse's mouth (i.e. Neela bags website):

At Neela, we believe that by making a few small changes in our daily routines, together we can make a big difference for the environment. We've started with reusable, recyclable bags in brilliant patterns and colors. If you use Neela bags in place of paper or plastic for a year, you can save nearly 1000 bags from certain death in a landfill near you. Join us in making paper and plastic a thing of the past.

I will leave you with this fact: Plastic material being dumped into the ocean is responsible for killing up to a million sea creatures yearly. Don't mean to be Debbie Downer but the facts are the facts!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

HoneeBee Gifts at ProPINK event

As you all know, I was locked out my blog beginning July 11th (gulp!) and on July 18th I had my first opportunity to share with a new network of women at the ProPINK Charlotte event. I was super excited but with all my blog drama I could not share with those that have supported me from the beginning- you guys!

Well, now that my blog drama is over I wanted to share this great experience. Please excuse the delay!

The ProPINK event launched my good friend and author, Brenda Lide's new book, The Dating Woman's Workbook, to the public. The free event was for women who believe in surviving beautifully in life. Local experts in the area of finance, beauty, fitness, body image, relationship therapy and career were on site to talk with all attendees on how to excel in all areas!

I had the opportunity to have a table to share information about HoneeBee Gifts and address the crowd and give my "commercial" about HoneeBee! I also gave away a basket of goodies that included items featured on this very blog. It was a fab day with beautifully spirited women and I am grateful to have been apart of Brenda's special day. I encourage you all to check out Brenda's blogs:

Also, check out the previous post I did on her book!
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A compliment to the Qcitymetro article: Sonya's tips and quotables

During my interview with Sonya Barnes, Image Consultant and President of Harris & Barnes there were some tips and quotes that did not make it into the Qcitymetro article that I thought were too good to not share.

See below for these exclusive tips and quotables from Sonya Barnes and you know I had to ask her about the best gift she has received and given...I'm telling you anyone would be lucky to get a gift from Sonya. Wait to see what she got for a her godsister!

Sonya Barnes at a speaking at a conference in Vietnam.

Sonya’s Tips and Quotables

What to wear tips for any occasion

Business Interview
Navy or charcoal grey skirt suit
Comments: SB believes that the skirt suit is the highest level of suit, paired with (panty) hose and 1-2 inch closed toe pump.

First Date
Premium denim jeans with a nice, appropriate top
Comments: SB says no holes in the jeans, amp up the shoes, make-up can be a “bit more” and pair with chandelier earrings.
Don’t show it all on the first date

Guest at a Wedding
Day: dress in a lighter color
Comments: No sequins gowns at day weddings!
Evening: dress but a little darker, more dramatic
For men jackets are required at all times
Comments: Don’t forget the bride is the belle of the ball

50th Wedding Anniversary
Simple gold dress
Keep simplicity
Something compliment to the anniversary year (i.e. 25 years is the silver anniversary and it is okay to wear silver)
Dinner dress suit
Comments: Think First Lady Michelle Obama

Best gift received: Anything with diamonds! Also, any sentimental value or meaningful gifts from my Mom, sister…I’ve had some great gifts!

Best gift given: Small Fendi handbag to my Godsister. She talked about the handbag a lot but is a single mom and I was able to give it to her for her 40th Birthday.

Sonya’s Quotables
Image is a process not an event.
Ready to wear does not mean ready to wear. A ready to wear Michael Kors size 8 is not going to fit everyone. He did not just think of you.
Trying on clothes is like a date. Have fun!
Fit over fashion every time.
Everything starts with your own personal brand.

Let these tips carry you through your stylish life. Smooches...
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Qcitymetro article finally here!

I am excited to share that my Qcitymetro article has been uploaded to the web! Please check it out here. Please leave comments on the site. I appreciate your support!

The Gift of Fashion
By Simone McDowell

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