Sunday, May 31, 2009

Honeebee Quote

Say to yourself, I know what I like, and if fashion proposes something thats not me, forget it.

-Giorgio Armani

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Gift Tip #10: Belts

I know, I know it doesn't sound like a fun gift but I'm telling you by cinching an outfit with a belt...the right belt of course...can change it from a bore to simply fab. This gift might be something you gift to yourself or something you grab for a friend on a impromptu shopping day. Here are a few cute options:

Gold belt brightens up this cardigan (Ann Taylor)

Wide Brown Belt (Forever 21)

A classic belt for cinching...this one or a similar version should be apart of your wardrobe. (Forever 21)

Cute Skinny green belt, it's reversible too..not sure it I like that or not but the green is cute (Old Navy)

Take a glance at these tips for updating fashions with a belt from Pittsburgh Live:

From Betsy Thompson, Talbots:
White belt in patent leather: Fun worn over a denim trench
Metallic braided belt: Looks great with white, denim and black to wear all summer long
Macrame and rope belts: A sporty and casual touch in step with nautical looks

From Mary Lou Andre,
Oversized patent leather belts: Great way to create waist interest over long summer cardigan sweaters and tunics

From Michael Fink, Saks Fifth Avenue:
Exotic belts, real or faux croc or python: Show them off over a cropped suit jacket

sources: In Style mag,,,

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

HoneeBee Quote

Back in the day, around seventh grade, I really loved my Guess jeans with the triangle and question mark on the pocket

-Eva Mendes

Sidenote: LOVES the dress!!

source: In Style mag

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Spotlight: The Dating Woman's Workbook

Help! SF looking for SM who is funny, entertaining, trustworthy and loving. Hmmmm… if that is what the SF wants why does she keep coming across losers, cheaters and wimps?

The Dating Woman’s Workbook is a personalized book—for your eyes only— that helps you answer that very question. The sassy workbook allows you to detail your dating habits and instead of being a “self help” it is a “self awareness” book. First you truthfully answer questions about yourself and log your dates, which allows you to identify your dating habits and leads to self awareness. Sounds simple but the workbook really makes you more aware of your love/lust life and according to the author, Brenda Lide, “You are investing in revelations about you, and only you can control what you do with them”!

This would be a good gift for a girlfriend who always wants to know why she keeps choosing the wrong man (be sure she really wants to know before purchasing!) and for women who want to be more aware of their dating habits. Ms. Lide has also authored The Everyday Christian Workbook and is in the planning stages for additional workbooks, including The Constant Dieter's Workbook.

Speaking of Ms. Lide, I was able to ask her a few questions. See below our "photo op" for her responses…
Author Brenda Lide and me

Type of Business: The Workbook Series Publications (

Business Founded (year): 2009

Career Advice: Always do what you enjoy doing!

Essential Business philosophy: Help those who need it

Best business decision: To finally start my own business

Toughest business decision: To finally start my own business

Biggest business lesson learned: Expect "no" as an answer a thousand times, to get "yes" a handful of times

Mentors: My Parents

What gets you up in the morning: The potential to be greater than I was yesterday

Pet Peeve: Lack of communication

Favorite quote: “We are beautiful women whose flaws do not tarnish, but reflect God’s intentions.” - Me

Most influential book: The Bible

Favorite status symbol: A smile (Nothing’s better than happiness)

What inspired you start the business: Turning 35

What was your most favorite gift received: My engagement ring

What was your most favorite gift given: Trip to Vegas

Top lesson learned in business: There is always a way to achieve a goal

What sets your brand apart from competitors: It deals with the “real” not the “ideal”

What are the next steps for your company: Mass Distribution

The vibe I get from Brenda is that she really wants women to find happiness and experience love. She is currently planning her wedding and yet she still has time to help us single ladies find out who we are as dating women and help us to find what we truly want in someone special.

Fun Facts about Love and Dating:

  • On average a single person - male or female - will go out on 100 dates before getting married.
  • 8 out of 10 single people think the first kiss is a good indication of how the rest of the relationship will be.
  • Who said 'I love you' first? - 63% of women say he did, while 37% admit they were first (Glamour survey)


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gift Tip #9: Earrings

Check out these cute earrings! The perfect "I'm just thinking about you gift"
Oh, I don't know...maybe placed on the nightstand in a cute jewelry box or placed on the cutting board before dinner time to be "found" by the chef of the evening. Just creating a gift scene for all of you!

I came across the rosebud earrings via the Serendipity blog. Sarah featured the gold rosebud earrings and I decided to feature the silver ones and a few others from Etsy shop, hotpins. To see blog author Sarah's original post about the gold rosebud earrings go here: One of her friends even purchased a pair and she said the craftmanship is awesome. Thanks for the first hand review, Sarah!
Gifts that have orginality like these earrings can't be beat. Be sure to pair these earrings up with a sweet note and beautiful presentation and you'll be set!

Fun Facts:

  • Pierced earrings first made their debut in the Middle East as early as 3,000 B.C. and were intended to provide strangers with a quick and easy clue as to the wearer's religious, political or tribal identity.
  • In some parts of Africa, heavier ear weights are applied to young girls' ears in order to elongate their ear lobes over a period of time to achieve feminine beauty.
  • Originally crafted of metals that could be bent, flattened and twisted into unique designs and hoops, earrings became more elaborate in the second century A.D. when assorted gems were introduced.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gift Tip #9: Luxe City Guides

Made for the avid traveller, these city guides go beyond the tourism brochures at city welcome centers and gives you an inside look into beautiful cities from Bali to New York to Tokyo.

The contents of the guides are from actual residents in the city and includes the best restaurants, hotels, spas, shopping experiences and activities. These "reviews" are then put together by a resident editor and can get a little cheeky (see my Miami example below) but do give a great perspective of each city.

Other notable items are a "very useful" section that includes where the local hospital is and interesting "to do's" for each city. For example, the Miami guide includes "Helicopters over Miami" where you can take a ride over Miami because "It looks better when you are high". There is also a "Luxe Loves" and Luxe Loathes" section.

So if a friend loves to travel, the box set which includes a selection of key cities (broken down into regions) would be a great gift or you can create your own box set. You can also opt to get a single guide and send it to a friend before his/her trip. The guides are pocket-size, colorful and chock full of city information. Here are a couple of examples of the guides:

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Gift Tip #8: handmade cardholder

This crafty gift could be used in many ways...even to hold another gift. Think: graduation money, jewelry or other special mementos.

Also, if you decide to take the easy way out---getting a gift card (have I taught you nothing!!:))--you can upgrade your gift by placing it in this handcrafted cardholder.

Also, I don't want you to overlook that the cardholder could be a gift all by itself and that this item would be perfect as a wallet too.
I have included some of my favorite designs from Ruby Jean via their Etsy site. I tried to show different angles so you could get a feel of the cardholders/wallets.

Who doesn't need a stylish way to present a gift, carry your cash or favorite necklace? These items are too cute to pass by.


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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Spotlight: Robyn Y. Palmer Designs

I came across Robyn Y. Palmer's beautiful designs at the Art & Soul in Southend event a couple of weeks ago. Robyn had prints, art notecards and stationary sets that highlighted her work of beautiful women, flowered designs and more. My favorite design is entitled In her Solitude:

You know how much I love stationary so it is no surprise to many that I agree with Ms. Palmer's statement below:
"There has never been a time when sending a written note has meant so much.
Everyone is so busy, and email and texting are such “standard” modes of communication, that people really take notice when they receive a personal note. Writing a quick note seems like a lot of work these days. Not exactly so…
It is still so thoughtful to send a beautiful art card with your own sentiments and even more wonderful to receive them"
Here are a few tips on writing a handwritten note:
  • Write as soon as the occasion arises. A timely note has more impact.
  • Choose the best quality paper. A personal note is a gift to the recipient and should be "wrapped" in fine paper. Personalized or monogrammed stationery lends a nice touch.
  • Focus on the content. Look for the emotional connection to lead your to writing: "It means so much to Jim and I that you were able to come to the wedding" or "I've always thought you were a great manager."
  • Keep it short. A personal note isn't lengthy. Your message should be to the point and sincere.
  • Start off with the reason for the note. "Thank you for the candlesticks" or "Congratulations on your promotion." Keep the writing focus on the recipient.
  • Decide on an ending, before you begin writing. "We will think of you every time we use the wine glasses" or "I wish you well in your new position."
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HoneeBee Quote

People used to throw rocks at me because of my clothes. Now they wanna know where I buy them. - Cyndi Lauper

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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Spotlight: Soothing Touch Bodyworks

Who doesn't need a good massage every once in a while? It is one of the best ways for me to relax, relate and release and Soothing Touch Bodyworks (STBW) takes it a step beyond the "brick and mortar" studio.

STBW will come to you with all the essentials a massage is supposed to include-and get this-in addition to being mobile, STBW will host a spa party for you...bringing in all the elements for a girls night in or a pampering party. Need a manicurist- no problem? Estheticians-no worries! How fun it that? I could see me and my girlfriends doing this...almost like a grown-up slumber party!

From the horse's mouth (i.e. their website)
Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, Stefen Palmer, strives to be the best massage services provider and takes pride in serving his clients. Stefen puts his heart and soul into his work and it shows. Practicing massage in various upscale resorts and spas for over 3 years, Stefen has taken the time to hone his skills. He spends much of his time teaching about health and wellness while enjoying the blessings of impacting other peoples lives. Stefens’ purpose and mission is to serve others and to transform them to living a more happy and healthy lifestyle. At Soothing Touch, clients are #1 and Stefen can’t wait to put you on the fast track to living pain and stress-free. Stefen will do his very best to exceed your expectations.

Get to know the person behind the business
I was able to ask Stefen a few questions...check out the responses:

Essential Business philosophy: Live life healthy and stress-free
What inspired you start the business: I wanted to go my own direction
What was your most favorite gift given: Energy and healing
Top lesson learned in business: Plan and perform ( Get your mind right, prepare and do it!)What sets your brand apart from competitors: Personalization, I really cater to my clients and care for their well-being.
What are the next steps for your company: I would love to grow into a full spa and somehow use this as a stepping stone to go with a non-profit organization I've been thinking about.

Fun Facts about massage:
  • Today, 39 million American adults – more than one out of every six – get at least one massage each year
  • In 1996, massage therapy and bodywork was officially offered for the first time as a core medical service in the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, and nationally certified practitioners provided key medical services
  • Companies that offer massage therapy as an employee benefit include: Allstate, Best Buy, Cisco Systems, FedEx, Gannett (USA Today), General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot, JC Penney, Kimberly-Clark, Texas Instruments and Yahoo
Bzzzzz: Be sure to ask Stefen about the HoneeBee discount Soothing Touch Bodyworks ( is offering for the HoneeBee guys and girls! See how I look out for yall:)

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Show Mom some love

Mother's Day is almost here and if your Mom is anything like mine you must show her some love on Mother's Day. My Mom is one of the best Moms ever and deserves special attention and love everyday but May 10th is her day and I plan to let her know!

I have included some suggestions for your Mom below. A couple I have highlighted in my blog previously but I have also included new ideas and low-cost options. Feel free to check out my five suggestions below but also peruse my blog for many more ideas.

Five gift suggestions for Mother’s Day from HoneeBee Gifts….
1. Taste Book: a custom made cookbook that organizes all handwritten recipes and magazine clippings into a personalized cookbook. You can include photos and have it delivered straight to your Mother’s door. HoneeBee suggests making the cookbook have a theme that relates to your Mom and setting up the cookbook via

2. Stationary: The art of the personal, handwritten note seems to be slipping away but it is such a nice way to send a hello or catch up with someone miles away…even in the Internet age. 2. 2. Stationary can do all these things and every time your Mom writes something on the stationary she will think about who gave her such a beautiful way to stay connected to others. HoneeBee recommends Crane’s stationary and Kate Spade who also has a nice line of cards. HoneeBee also loves Papyrus stores so check out their online website or their closest store location for great finds.

3. Day of Relaxation: Most women will love a day at the spa—getting pampered and primped but HoneeBee wants you to take it a step further. Try bringing the pampering to your Mom. Ask the pampering professionals (massage therapist, nail technician, make-up artist, etc) to come to your Mom. Most of these professionals would be happy to do so. Having the specialists come to her will make her feel like the Queen she is and that is what will make this gift extra special and not your run of the mill spa day. HoneeBee recommends massage therapist, Stefen Palmer, licensed massage therapist.

4. “Enhance Mommy’s hobby” gift: Every Mom has a hobby or something she likes to do, whether, its scrapbooking, gardening, creating art or traveling. This gift idea is to give her a present related to that hobby. HoneeBee recommends a few different options. For example, if gardening is her thing create a garden basket with her favorite plant or herb that she’ll be planting for summer along with new garden tools. If traveling is her thing and she loves Spanish-speaking countries but has never been to Dominican Republic, get her a plane ticket, if art is her thing arrange for her to meet her favorite up and coming artist—you get it!

5. Mother’s Day Coupon: This is a great gift if you want to do something special but the funds may be a bit low. Create a coupon on your computer or on a snazzy note card and write in what your gift is to your Mom. HoneeBee has a few suggestions. Some suggestions include: “Dinner on me” or “My cleaning services for a day” or “A subscription to your favorite magazine”. Most of all you must follow through when your Mom is ready to cash in her coupon and I am sure she will love your thoughtfulness. Just because the funds are low doesn’t mean the creativity has to be.

In addition, please be mindful when purchasing a gift. If you know she hates to cook, maybe the Taste Book is not the best gift for her!

By the way, if she is hinting at something, save yourself some trouble and just get it, within reason. Other gifts probably won’t please her as much and you are setting yourself up for failure. Plus, once you see the smile on her face (and in her eyes) you will know you made the right choice.

If you don’t have time or are just still unsure on what to get Mom this year, please do not hesitate to contact HoneeBeeGifts at

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