Monday, April 27, 2009

Gift Tip #7: Magazine Subscription

Who doesn't love a good magazine? This gift fits just about everyone because you can match someone's interest to a particular magazine and order the subscription on their behalf. There's the person who reads the gossip mag before boarding a plane and the businessman who is addicted to Forbes....and so on and so forth. This is a creative gift but does not break the bank.

  • If you are unsure of the giftee's interests you can always create a card, place it inside an envelope and state the gift they will receive (i.e. one year subscription to your favorite magazine, two year subscription to any sports magazine of your choice, etc). If you want to be extra creative, cut and paste or scan in a few magazine covers to the card to add to the gift presentation.
  • Many magazine houses offer the option of doing gift subscriptions. This is an easy process but be sure to use a check or money order so they do not automatically renew the subscription or if you use a credit card make sure you contact customer service to do the gift subscription and alert them to not automatically renew.
Fun Facts:
  • There are currently over 3,300 consumer magazines to choose from
  • On average, each magazine is actually read for a total of 50 minutes
  • 80% of all women regularly read a consumer magazine
  • 67% of men regularly read a consumer magazine

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

HoneeBee Quote

I love a handmade gift. I also love ponies, so my boyfriend painted me a gorgeous picture of a huge Shetland" -Anna Faris

This was a sweet gift from Anna's boyfriend and I think handmade gifts, in this case a painting really holds sentimental value. For those that don't have an artistic bone in your body- do not fret most giftees are appreciative of store bought items too...just be creative with the purchase. I know I cherish my handmade jewelry, as much as my gift of an IPOD that included my favorite songs pre-loaded on it...both excellent gifts in their own right.

In future posts, I will expand on art as a gift--be on the lookout:)

source: People magazine

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Spotlight: Charlotte Chocolate Company

This company creates delectable chocolate treats for any occasion from bridal showers to corporate gifts. The company can create custom designs (think: company logo) and written messages on chocolates (think: "It's a Boy" for baby showers).
From the horse's mouth (i.e. their website):
Our unique signature chocolates are handmade, custom-shaped, delectable gems that delight the most discriminating palate. Individually wrapped in beautiful foils, they make an elegant gift (that you might not be able to part with!). This artisanal chocolate is crafted in the vintage French method, slowly and with premium cacao beans.
Fun Facts about chocolate:
  • Cacao is a tree, native to South America, whose seeds are the source of cocoa and chocolate.
  • Cacao beans were so valuable in ancient Mexico that the Maya and subsequent Aztec and Toltec civilizations used them as a means of currency to pay for commodities and taxes.
  • In the 17th Century, the first recorded case of “Death by Chocolate” occurred.
  • In 1875, Milk Chocolate was introduced. After over eight (8) years of experimentation, Daniel Peter of Switzerland created this concoction.
  • The original 3 Musketeers Bar of the 1930s had three parts: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gift Tip #6: Wine Away

This one is for wine lovers, especially those that may spill a few drops as the libations flow:) This gift tip is the Wine Away Red Wine Stain Emergency Kit. It's a takealong kit that you can throw in your purse to take care of any mishaps...just spray the spot with the solution and watch it vanish.
Wine Facts

  • Foot treading of grapes is still used in producing a small quantity of the best port wines (think I Love Lucy)

  • Chilling tones down the sweetness of wine. If a red wine becomes too warm, it may lose some of its fruity flavor.

  • All states have at least one winery.

  • Wine Consumption in the U.S. reached a high of 2.68 gallons per resident in 2003.

Good to know: Here's the best order of wine tasting: sparkling, white, red; young before old; light before heavy; dry before sweet; common before fine.


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gift Tip #5: Secrets of Gorgeous

I wanted to share this cute, pint-size book with you: Secrets of Gorgeous. It is a fun read and great addition to any girls bookshelf. This would be fab gift for ladies trying to be healthy and gorgeous...that's everyone right?:) Well, check out this book. Here's the title and cover:

Secrets of Gorgeous: Hundreds of Ways to Live Well While Living It Up by Esther Blum, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., C.N.S.

Secrets of Gorgeous offers up over 200 quick tips, it shows women how to eat and drink what they love yet maintain their youthful beauty. No diets, no gimmicks, just real solutions for gorgeous girls on the go. Esther reveals secrets she shares with her A-list clients at Dr. Perricone's flagship Manhattan store—how to nip a hangover in the bud, choose the best dish on a date, dine out without packing on the pounds, rev up the sex drive, and much, much more. Secrets of Gorgeous proves that it’s possible to have that cosmopolitan and drink it, too.
Esther Blum is a registered dietitian and certified nutrition specialist. She has appeared on the Today Show and is quoted as an expert regularly in Self, Marie Claire, InStyle, and Bazaar. Esther maintains her Gorgeous Girl status in New York City.

Here are two excerpts from the book:

That's The Spirit!

Whether your daily rituals include a heavenly cup of something hot, a run in the park, a yoga session, or a conversation with your best friend, carve out time in your day for you. Downtime that quiets the mind and feeds the soul is essential for juicing up our internal batteries, and it gives us pleasure and perspective in life.

Your body registers happiness and trauma at the cellular level; clearing out internal clutter and balancing your energy is essential for sustaining balance and inner harmony.

Feet: Sexy Shoes and Sexy Feet

Every gorgeous gal knows that shoes are the most important wardrobe decision you make, so choose and invest wisely, because funky deformities like hammer toes, bunions, and calluses are a far cry from sexy. For Gorgeous Girls who are loathe to give up their towering heels for comfort, I'm here to tell you you can have your stilettos and wear them, too.

source:, Secrets of Gorgeous book
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

HoneeBee Quote

My nephew gave me a beanie Elmo. He woke me up to give it to me. That was one of my best gifts.
-Dania Ramirez
Awww! Family love:)
Source: People Magazine
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Save the date: Second Annual Library Book Sale

Mark your calendar for the Second Annual Library Book Sale at the Mint Museum Library in Charlotte, NC. Hundreds of beautiful art books will be available at nominal prices in the Ivey Forum on Saturday, may 16th from 12-5pm.

Books are duplicates of those already in the library's collections or items given specifically to the library for the sale. All the sale proceeds will go towards the conservation of the libary's special collections.

This is a great option for a gift for art could also be a nice coffee table book. Plus, you are helping out a good cause.

PS: If you are a member of the Mint Museum you get to check out the books get there at 12noon and you can shop with other members until 1pm. After 1pm, it is open to the public. Also, be sure to bring cash or credit cards accepted.

Happy Shopping!

For more information call: 704-337-2000

source: News of the Mint Museum newsletter
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gift Tip #4

Cufflinks are fasteners that replace the role of a button and can really set a suit off! They come in various styles and colors and are a chic addition to menswear. Any guy would appreciate a special gift like long as you get the correct ones to fit their style. There are many options to try. I have included a few examples below.

For the sports fan:
For the golfer:The classic:
Fun facts:
-Cufflinks date back to the 17th century
-During the 1920s the enamel cufflink became the most prevalent style
-Cufflink use peaked in the mid 1960s, when Swank Inc, a popular manufacturer, was making12 million a year
Bonus: If you purchase cufflinks from you can get a free gift and free shipping.

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