Thursday, June 30, 2011

Waaahhh! Gifts for a New Mommy

A recently saw a friend of mine and she has this cute baby bump. After I rubbed her belly (not really!) I thought WWMW- WhatWouldMommyWant. While this post won't include over the top push presents like Rachel Zoe (did you see her new ring?) it will include ways to remember all the things your new bundle of joy will do, how to make yourself comfortable during the process and what to when you get that little cutie pie home. I will share three books that are modern, informative and would make a great gift for any MTB (Mommy to Be).

This book promises tips on how to handle those long nine months of pregnancy The Baby Bump Book

This books allows you to jot down moments that turn into memories, whether it's a funny thing your tot did to a special quote that reminds you of your precious one.

Mom's One Line a Day Book

Once your little one is home, your hands will be FULL. This book of 50 songs to read, sing and hear will hold your baby's attention...and may produce the next Celine Dion. Lullaby Baby Book

Bzzz: Check out a diy hospital survival kit for new moms here from My Own Road blog. Extra treat: You can add one of the books above into the kit.

sources: @RachelClapp,,,

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gift Tip #74: Gel Gems

Gel Gems look like jello but that's where the resemblence ends. Gel Jams are window clings that are best used on glass surfaces including but not limited to windows, drinking glasses and shower doors. These decorative whatnots can be used to leave a note for your sweetie or create a pretty design for anyone to see (maybe a Happy Holloween message to Trick or Treaters). Gel Jams come in many different shapes and colors...and the latest gems light up! Here are some of the decorations made with these products. Just think of all the possibilities!


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Experience: Southern Cake Queen Mobile Cupcakery

This is a dream come true for me- delicious cupcakes that could greet me at my door, by way of a cute pink truck, no less! According to their website, Southern Cake Queen (SCQ) Mobile Cupcakery made its first stop on February 19th in the NODA neighborhood. I first met Owner Emma Merisier at one of her special "stops" during an event at a local boutique. She was bubbly, personable and ready to sell some cupcakes. She did not have to twist my arm--her lemon cupcake was delish!
Giftwise, I could see Emma's truck pulling up to a kiddie birthday party where children gather around for one of her rainbow (vanilla cake w/vanilla buttercream topped with sprinkles) cupcakes or a family reunion or cookout where Pina Colada cupcakes are served to the crowd. Who wouldn't be impressed by their party having its own cupcake service?

In addition, to SCQ Mobile Cupcakery, Merisier has a home bakery where she creates special occaion cakes and other delicious treats like sweet potato pie and pound cake. For more information, visit her site here.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Gift of the Weekend

The weekend is here and it's time to enjoy--in any way you want! Here are a few things I'd like to do.

Contemplate something...and then decide to Just Do It!

Be creative!

Have fun!

Hit the streets in a pretty dress

Not neccessary in that about you--what do you plan to do?

How about you?
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gift Tip #73: Notepad

Have you ever needed to jot something down quickly and find yourself scrambling for a scrap of paper on your desk or scribbling your to-do list on a back of a receipt? I can't be the only one,an I? I know what you're thinking...Yes, I could type my oh-so-long lists into my smartphone but somehow I never seem to go back to that list and there is something about crossing an item off my to-do list that's seems oh so right. I can be so old school sometimes!

If you're giftee is like me, they will want to have a handy dandy notepad in their midst to remember all the important things they must...well remember. Here are a few options:

Mod Floral Notepads,

letterpress to do list. eventually notepad;, seller: shopsaplingpress

Kate Spade Small Notepad set,

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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Gift of the Weekend

I hope this weekend you will give yourself the gift of doing your heart's desire, whatever it may be. Here are a few ideas:

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Ol' Dad: Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is Sunday and most times Dads get overlooked when it comes to gifts on their special day. I always hear the jokes from comedians and never see much hoopla (i.e. store promotions, commercials and the like) for Father's Day. Interesting, right? Well, I am here to give a few gift ideas that will make your Dad smile wide and feel loved--even if he shrugs it off and leaves the house to go wash his car or some other manly activity! Here are my picks:

The Art of Shaving Kit, Nordstrom stores or

Golf Balls*, Dick's Sporting Goods store

Coach Water Buffalo Money Clip, Coach stores and

Shoe Shine kit, Nordstrom stores and

Polo Ralph Lauren tie, Saks Fifth Avenue and

*Bzzz: If you go with the golf balls, Dick's is offering free personalization until June 30th.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gift Tip #72: Charmed Necklaces

Charmed necklaces can be an everyday accessory (think: Moms with charms that represent her kids) or something that your bestie/auntie/numero uno puts on to make her outfit pop. When choosing a charm necklace be sure to pick one that reflects the personality and style of the giftee. Does she like to travel? Maybe a charm necklace with bicycles, trains and planes would be a perfect gift. Is she into the new trend of the season? Find the new "it" item and make sure that charm is included on her necklace. Once you find the perfect necklace, wrap it up real nice and present it to her...she'll be charmed, I'm sure!

Nec Glamour Jewelry "Parisian Chic" Charm Necklace,

Buddha's Blessing,

Ornate Golden Snitch Necklace with Owl Charm.; seller: trinketsforkeeps

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's in my Shecky's Goodie Bag

I had a great time at Sheckys Girls Night Out on Wednesday. I scoped out a few gifts that I think you guys will like---keep watching the blog to see when they will be soon! (Sidenote: If you missed my pre event post about the event, check it out here.) At the event, I got one of the infamous Sheckys Goodie Bags* and it had some good stuff in it. It's the perfect gift to yourself for attending the event! Check out my Sheckys swag: Contents:

1 can of La Croix

Febreze home Collection flameless luminary refills

UbyKotex tampons (in a cute bag)

(2) Softlips lip protectant

Hand Candies business card

Package of (30) Dentex Comfort Clean Floss picks

16 oz. Lubriderm moisturizing cream

Flirt By Little i mints (in a cute pink tin)

12 oz. Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin refreshing body wash

(2) Luna bars--one regular size and one mini

Travel size Lad Speedstick

Love, Loss and What I Wore purse mirror

Mini Aveeno daily moisturizer
Fcuk mini perfume

Beers Style Guide pamphlet

(2) Rainforest Moisture hair butter packets from The Body Shop

Goody colour collection ponytail holders

*Keep in mind that each Sheckys bag may have different items. I saw that someone had a book--me, no book--kinda sad because I like to read:)

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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Spotlight: Shecky's Girls Night Out

When a friend invited me to Shecky's Girls Night Out I was so excited...and happy to hear that Charlotte "made it" as one of Shecky's selected cities. In addition, I thought this would be a great event to highlight for HoneeBee. What girlfriend wouldn't want a ticket (not to mention a coveted goodie bag) to one of the most fun events around? Such a great gift and bonding experience for friends, right in our own backyard!

My first Shecky's experience was driving to Atlanta to check out this fab event. HoneeBee was pretty new and I thought the event would give me great gift ideas, not to mention inspiration to keep the blog going. I had a great time...from the variety of vendors and items for purchase, free drinks and jam-packed goodie bag. I have high hopes that Charlotte's event will be similar...or even better!

With this being the 10th anniversary I have been assured from Cait, Shecky's Content Manager that they will continue with these traditions but add in special deals, sweepstakes and more to celebrate ten years of bringing girlfriends together for good ole' fashioned fun! At the Charlotte event be on the lookout for local artisans to nationally-recognized brands selling everything from accessories to beauty products to shoes!

When I asked Cait how often Shecky's comes to town, she said "sometimes it's once year, sometimes more than once or all depends and varies by year, which is always fun." I definitely want Shecky's to come to Charlotte more often than not so be sure to get your ticket and check out the event this Wednesday, June 8th at The Big Chill from 5pm-10pm. The Big Chill is located on 911 E. Morehead Street (S. McDowell St). When you purchase a ticket, Shecky's will donate $5 to The American Red Cross disaster relief efforts for the southern region of the country.

Also be sure to follow me on twitter as I will be tweeting live from the event! Following the event I will share the contents of my Shecky's Goodie Bag.

If you happen to see me at the event, stop me and say hello--but only if you have time between QT time with girlfriends, sipping your delicious drink and picking out your next gift!

Shecky's Facts

  • Shecky's has executed events in 15 cities--this is the first year in Charlotte after getting ALOT of suggestions to come via their "Submit Your City" option on their website. Ahhh, the power of the people!

  • Shecky's started off as a small publishing company that faced closing its doors after the tradegy of 9-11 and decided to throw a party to lift the spirits in NYC post-September and save their company?

  • Shecky's first event in Los Angeles sold out in 10 days.

  • 800 people showed up to their first event in NYC. They expected 300-400 and their CEO wound up pouring drinks behind the bar to help with the demand.

photo source:

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gift Tip #71: Custom Alphabet Photo Print

Created from photographs of images shaped like the alphabet, this gift sounds complicated but Photoh does all the work. You just need to pick out the word, border, text and text font and if you are unsure they will help you out. Once you have those details settled, just wrap it up and gift it to a friend/family member who is purchasing a new home or moving to a new city. This will make a great addition to anyone's home., seller: Photoh

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