Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Gift of Fitness

Well I am gearing up for a vacation....which involves a swimsuit so the thought of fitness *popped* in my mind (smile). Here are a few gifts for fitness...helping to get your body in gear and of course your health on track.

#1: Jumprope: Besides walking, I think jumping rope is an easy way to get in a workout that really shows results quickly.

#2: Mio Motiva Petite Fitness Watch

Here are three key features:
-Women's-specific fitness watch measures heart rate and calories burned
-ECG-accurate fingertip sensors – no chest strap required
-Includes stopwatch, alarm and time/day/date/month

Fitness Videos...when you can't make it to the gym. One of my faves...TaeBo. Everyone say it with me: Double time!

#4: An outfit! Why not look good and feel good?
Some places to check out:
Of course check out,, etc for more fitness wear and sneakers.

Last but not least a bag to put all your stuff in....

#5: Gaiam Everything Fits Bag

Get fit!!

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