Monday, March 16, 2009

Papyrus Online Sale

Papyrus is conducting a one day TODAY! Go to for 25% off any and everything on the website.

Papyrus products include wrapping paper, gifts, stationary and they are most known for their greeting cards. The Bella Pilar cards are amongst my favorites. I have included one of their cards below. Cute, huh?

Interesting facts about Papyrus

1950: Company founded.
1965 - 1989: Company facility in Oakland, California. Housed warehouse, product packaging and all administrative departments. The original facility in Emeryville was burnt to the ground in 1965.
1973: Papyrus was established in Berkeley as the first retail store.
1982: Dominique Schurman joined the Company and worked over the years in many capacities.
2004: Papyrus store system totaled 140 stores with major presence in all key metro markets.
2006: All brands unified under the Papyrus brand.
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