Friday, March 6, 2009

The Spotlight: Compendium

I received a Franklin Covey leather planner from an old co-worker and included in there was an ENJOY card from Compendium, Inc. I decided to check out their website and have since brought various products for myself and friends. The friends I have gifted these items to have loooovvved it. Below is the Gratitude postcard I received (Thanks, Kara!) and other items you can find on the Compendium website, On the site you will find gift books, journals, stationery, desk accessories and home decor that are inspiring and beautiful.

Compendium is a Seattle-based company and continue to grow their product line daily. Their site is extensive and how can you not love a company whose vision statement is "live inspired"?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful introduction to Compendium! I just checked out their site and LOVE their product line! It will be added to my list of favorites!

HoneeBee Gifts said...

Thanks, Sass World! I love it too. I only feature products that I would consider for my own lifestyle store. COnpendium's product line is cute, inspirational and pretty cost-effective too.

Thanks for your note!