Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When the gift is a ring

Maybe it's a wedding...maybe its not but at some point you may want to purchase a ring for a friend or loved one. It could be a friendship ring, engagement ring or a ring to mark a special occasion such a graduation or a Bar Mitzvah.The hardest part of this is finding out the ring size of the recipient.

According to jewelry designer Silvio Hidalgo, who has had celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Mandy Moore wearing his rings, suggests wearing a ring of a known size and asking the recipient to try it on (" I love my new ring. I bet it would look pretty on you."). And remember...if you have taken all the routes to try to find out the ring size to no avail, take an educated guess as rings can always be sized later. In the end, the recipient will be excited and happy that you thought of them! In case you want to see Hidalgo's work below are a few of his special pieces. Beautiful aren't they?

Sidenote: If you are purchasing a ring online or overseas you can go to and they have a ring size converter on their site. It allows you to put in the US size and it will convert that size to reflect the sizes used in other countries. It takes out the guesswork if you are going an unconventional route to ring buying.

Interesting fun facts
*60% if women's ring fingers are between a size 6 and 7.
*Actress Rosario Dawson loves to buy rings as gifts

Keep this in mind when looking for a ring
Whether you are looking for a ring for yourself or to give as a gift, it is important to find a size that will fit you correctly. The perfect size is when the ring feels comfortably on the finger, but it is a little hard to get off. This allows pleasant wearing without the risk of losing the ring. While you don't want the ring sliding off your finger, you also don't want to it applying too much pressure. What you are looking for is a nice, snug fit. To get a snug fit, the ring should just fit over the largest part of your finger - that is typically your knuckle. And, you should also know that your ring size generally increases with hot outdoor temperatures, with high humidity levels and with a diet high in salt. So, keep these facts in mind as you determine the right ring size.

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