Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gift Tip #4

Cufflinks are fasteners that replace the role of a button and can really set a suit off! They come in various styles and colors and are a chic addition to menswear. Any guy would appreciate a special gift like long as you get the correct ones to fit their style. There are many options to try. I have included a few examples below.

For the sports fan:
For the golfer:The classic:
Fun facts:
-Cufflinks date back to the 17th century
-During the 1920s the enamel cufflink became the most prevalent style
-Cufflink use peaked in the mid 1960s, when Swank Inc, a popular manufacturer, was making12 million a year
Bonus: If you purchase cufflinks from you can get a free gift and free shipping.

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Stefen P said...

What you know bout them UCONN cufflinks??? I got to get my hands on them! LOL