Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gift Tip #5: Secrets of Gorgeous

I wanted to share this cute, pint-size book with you: Secrets of Gorgeous. It is a fun read and great addition to any girls bookshelf. This would be fab gift for ladies trying to be healthy and gorgeous...that's everyone right?:) Well, check out this book. Here's the title and cover:

Secrets of Gorgeous: Hundreds of Ways to Live Well While Living It Up by Esther Blum, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., C.N.S.

Secrets of Gorgeous offers up over 200 quick tips, it shows women how to eat and drink what they love yet maintain their youthful beauty. No diets, no gimmicks, just real solutions for gorgeous girls on the go. Esther reveals secrets she shares with her A-list clients at Dr. Perricone's flagship Manhattan store—how to nip a hangover in the bud, choose the best dish on a date, dine out without packing on the pounds, rev up the sex drive, and much, much more. Secrets of Gorgeous proves that it’s possible to have that cosmopolitan and drink it, too.
Esther Blum is a registered dietitian and certified nutrition specialist. She has appeared on the Today Show and is quoted as an expert regularly in Self, Marie Claire, InStyle, and Bazaar. Esther maintains her Gorgeous Girl status in New York City.

Here are two excerpts from the book:

That's The Spirit!

Whether your daily rituals include a heavenly cup of something hot, a run in the park, a yoga session, or a conversation with your best friend, carve out time in your day for you. Downtime that quiets the mind and feeds the soul is essential for juicing up our internal batteries, and it gives us pleasure and perspective in life.

Your body registers happiness and trauma at the cellular level; clearing out internal clutter and balancing your energy is essential for sustaining balance and inner harmony.

Feet: Sexy Shoes and Sexy Feet

Every gorgeous gal knows that shoes are the most important wardrobe decision you make, so choose and invest wisely, because funky deformities like hammer toes, bunions, and calluses are a far cry from sexy. For Gorgeous Girls who are loathe to give up their towering heels for comfort, I'm here to tell you you can have your stilettos and wear them, too.

source:, Secrets of Gorgeous book
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