Monday, May 25, 2009

Gift Tip #10: Belts

I know, I know it doesn't sound like a fun gift but I'm telling you by cinching an outfit with a belt...the right belt of course...can change it from a bore to simply fab. This gift might be something you gift to yourself or something you grab for a friend on a impromptu shopping day. Here are a few cute options:

Gold belt brightens up this cardigan (Ann Taylor)

Wide Brown Belt (Forever 21)

A classic belt for cinching...this one or a similar version should be apart of your wardrobe. (Forever 21)

Cute Skinny green belt, it's reversible too..not sure it I like that or not but the green is cute (Old Navy)

Take a glance at these tips for updating fashions with a belt from Pittsburgh Live:

From Betsy Thompson, Talbots:
White belt in patent leather: Fun worn over a denim trench
Metallic braided belt: Looks great with white, denim and black to wear all summer long
Macrame and rope belts: A sporty and casual touch in step with nautical looks

From Mary Lou Andre,
Oversized patent leather belts: Great way to create waist interest over long summer cardigan sweaters and tunics

From Michael Fink, Saks Fifth Avenue:
Exotic belts, real or faux croc or python: Show them off over a cropped suit jacket

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Liz Powers said...

I love all of those... esp the Old Navy one. And I agreed, belts make a huge difference.