Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gift Tip #11: Pillows

Pillows come in many shapes and sizes but for the purposes of this blog I am focusing on throw pillows. They can add flavor to a sofa, give extra fluff to a bed or be piled together for extra floor seating for an impromptu party.

Giving this gift would be nice for new homeowners or those that are redecorating their homes. Here are a few cute ones:

(photo courtesy of overstock.com)

(photo courtesy of Pier 1)

(photo courtesy of Pier 1)

Fun Facts:

  • The Chinese invented silk pillows.

  • The ancient Egyptians actually slept on pillows of stone.

  • Back in the day, some pillows were filled with straw instead of feathers or down.The Industrial Revolution brought about the mass production of pillows (among other things).

source: landsend.com, pier1.com, overstock.com

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