Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blog Block

Maybe it's the extra busy days in the office or my bootcamp class but something has been pulling me away from my blog and honestly I have been having blog block!! This is no excuse to my HoneeBee family but I wanted you to know why you have not heard from me. I promise to do better.

I am headed to the beach and I promise to come back with fresh gift tips, spotlights and more. Hold me to it!

Love, Hugs and Shopping.

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Gifts Philippines said...

Well, I think you just need some break for that. Anyway, I'll be looking forward to some interesting topics here, so I'll be sure to keep on coming back here. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!


HoneeBee Gifts said...

Thanks, Fern. I am back on track and have posted a few great items since my blog block!

Thank you for checking out my blog.