Monday, August 3, 2009

A compliment to the Qcitymetro article: Sonya's tips and quotables

During my interview with Sonya Barnes, Image Consultant and President of Harris & Barnes there were some tips and quotes that did not make it into the Qcitymetro article that I thought were too good to not share.

See below for these exclusive tips and quotables from Sonya Barnes and you know I had to ask her about the best gift she has received and given...I'm telling you anyone would be lucky to get a gift from Sonya. Wait to see what she got for a her godsister!

Sonya Barnes at a speaking at a conference in Vietnam.

Sonya’s Tips and Quotables

What to wear tips for any occasion

Business Interview
Navy or charcoal grey skirt suit
Comments: SB believes that the skirt suit is the highest level of suit, paired with (panty) hose and 1-2 inch closed toe pump.

First Date
Premium denim jeans with a nice, appropriate top
Comments: SB says no holes in the jeans, amp up the shoes, make-up can be a “bit more” and pair with chandelier earrings.
Don’t show it all on the first date

Guest at a Wedding
Day: dress in a lighter color
Comments: No sequins gowns at day weddings!
Evening: dress but a little darker, more dramatic
For men jackets are required at all times
Comments: Don’t forget the bride is the belle of the ball

50th Wedding Anniversary
Simple gold dress
Keep simplicity
Something compliment to the anniversary year (i.e. 25 years is the silver anniversary and it is okay to wear silver)
Dinner dress suit
Comments: Think First Lady Michelle Obama

Best gift received: Anything with diamonds! Also, any sentimental value or meaningful gifts from my Mom, sister…I’ve had some great gifts!

Best gift given: Small Fendi handbag to my Godsister. She talked about the handbag a lot but is a single mom and I was able to give it to her for her 40th Birthday.

Sonya’s Quotables
Image is a process not an event.
Ready to wear does not mean ready to wear. A ready to wear Michael Kors size 8 is not going to fit everyone. He did not just think of you.
Trying on clothes is like a date. Have fun!
Fit over fashion every time.
Everything starts with your own personal brand.

Let these tips carry you through your stylish life. Smooches...
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