Monday, October 12, 2009

An Experience as a gift

When most ask what they want for their birthday, they usually answer with the traditional gift object of sorts. Whether shiny ( or lacy (umm..lingerie) certain tangible items come to mind BUT I want you to think of experiences as gifts. For example, a bottle of wine turning into a trip to wine country or sneakers turning into personal training sessions with a running coach.

I want you to rewire your brain to not just think of picking up a dress for your wife but instead scheduling an appointment with a style expert at her favorite boutique to fit her for the best dress she has ever worn, all while getting style advice on the most flattering pants for her figure, why accessories are so important and of course, why she should be so in love with her husband for this experience.

I'm talking about not only giving your hubby tickets to the next home football game but giving him tickets to his home team's game when they are away. Giving him the opportunity to visit another city, while cheering on his fave team, in some fab seats. Oh and while your at it...have a signed jersey in his hotel room. Who's still in the running to becoming America's Next Top Wife?

See where I am going with this? It's time to amp up some gifts and turn them into experiences. I want to note that all experiences do not have to be expensive but they must be're in the right ballpark if you get anything in the range of a smile, tears or jaw-dropping antics.

Please know, that gifts are still wonderful and treats in themselves, I'm just giving more options to this gift thing!:)

So in future blog posts be on the lookout for Experiences.
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Nataly said...

That's a really nice example of unusual gifts:))
People are so tired from the same gifts every year on every occasion, but still it's hard to come up with something really uncommon. Your article will give a lot of tips and ideas to readers. Thanks:)

HoneeBee Gifts said...

Thanks, Nataly! I appreciate your comments and thanks for checking out HoneeBee!