Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Experience: Winestore

Moscato d' Asti is my favorite (wine) but taking a trip to the winestore made me think about a few other strong contenders! The winestore is a concept that I am sure plenty of people wish they would have thought of first. Its a wine store that sells moderately priced wines but what I love most about this place is the wine sampler. Yes, you can sample select wines! The sampler is what really made the winestore an "experience" in my book!

Picture yourself and someone special going to go pick up a bottle of wine for a quiet dinner at home. You step into the winestore. You see the sampler. Let the fun begin.

The wine sampler is a wonderful machine that allows you to literally sample various wines for a nominal fee. To use the wine sampler you have to purchase a card (similar to a credit card in size) to slip in the slots of each wine you choose. The sample prices range from 50 cents to $2.50 and there are 16 red wines and 8 white wines to choose from. After sampling, you can pick up your bottle of wine, as originally planned (remember that quiet dinner at home?) and stroll back to the crib.

Here are a few of the winestore's best sellers....who knows you may find one of these in the sampler.

  • Atteca Old Vines

  • Burgans Albarino

  • Chateau Smith

  • Conundrum

  • Evodia

Again, the wine sampler is a fabulous "pit stop" of sorts that makes wine shopping fun. Of course, if you have any wine questions (i.e. what is the best celebration wine, what wine should I pair with pasta, etc) just ask one of the informed folks behind the counter.

Want to experience the winestore? Check out http://www.winestore-online.com/. There are two locations: SouthPark (the one I checked out!) and the latest one in Blakeney. Always remember to drink responsibility!

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