Monday, December 28, 2009

Gift Tip #24: Calendars

This could not wait until 2010! Yes, it's almost here but I thought I would share this timely gift tip that would be for anyone who wants to keep track of their year and still enjoys the tangible paper calendar. I have a blackberry but it's something about seeing and touching a physical calendar that I still enjoy. For those that you know feel the same, here are a few options I found via Etsy.

via Seller Frogpod

via Seller DirtyBandits

via Seller ModernClassicsPaper

Be sure to pick a calendar that reflects the person receiving it. If you know someone likes nature, the ModernClassicsPaper might be nice, for those that need a laugh the Dirty Bandits calendar may be the right fit or for a person who loves pretty paper, the letterpress calendar may be best.


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