Friday, May 21, 2010

Addicted: Groupon and other discount sites

If there is one thing that I try to do on this blog it is be creative and give you gift ideas that are not your run of the mill gifts. I also try to include gifts that are cost effective (most times) and I wanted to share a new addiction--various websites that offer great deals at a discount:

Groupon is a dream. According to their website, Groupon offers the best daily deals in your city. There is one for Charlotte and other cities include Brooklyn, San Francisco, Seattle and more.

Check out Groupon's daily deal -

TIP: You can go to their site and find your city...or if you are traveling you can find out what the city offers that you will be traveling to. Please note that you cannot use the groupon the same day of purchase but buy a day or two in advance and you are set.

Half Price @ WCNC is local to Charlotte but I am sure that other media outlets share half off deals in your city. Check out their websites and search "half off or "discounts" and you are sure to find some deals.

The deals vary so there is something for everyone! So far, I have purchased:

-horseback riding passes

-kickboxing class

-salon gift certificate

-restaurant gift certificate

As a purchaser, please note that the groupon certificates don't look like anything special...I just print online but you could package it to make it special. I made my first purchase on Half Off today so I am not sure how that will arrive but it is being mailed so it may look professional and gift ready! The mailing cost was about $7.50.

I am sure there are many more discount sites out there so please share with me if you are familiar with more sites!

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