Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gift Tip #31: Watches

First of sorry for my hiatus! I won't bore you with excuses but I will try my best to be better with posting! NOW ON TO THE POST:)

Year ago watches used to be a part of my everyday then for one reason or another I stopped wearing them. Now, I'm jonesing for a new one. They can be used for their original purpose of telling time but I have been noticing them used as a fashion piece, intertwined between bracelets--so chic. Watches are a nice holiday present...something that takes time to pick up, has a great price point and there are so many options. Here are a few...

Casio Women's Classic Analog Watch-Silver $29.99

Anne Klein Black Leather Wrap Watch $65.00
Michael Kors Golden Runway Watch with Glitz $250
Here are a few tips on how to pick the right watch:
  • Think about why you want a watch? Basically is it more for fashion and/or function. Will you use it to add pizazz to an outfit, will you wear it during water sports?
  • Determine how much you want to spend. You should know your price point before you start shopping.
  • Consider the life span of the watch, maintenance needs and resale value.


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