Monday, November 29, 2010

Gift Tip #38: Handyman (or woman) services

This may not seem like a romantic gift but it may save spouses some time arguing about the leaky faucet or what weekend is going to be deemed "house project" weekend, which always seems to fall on the hottest/coldest/rainiest day of the year. Instead of creating a lovers quarrel, hire someone to come in and fix all your housing needs.

We all have a "honey do" list, whether you have a honey or not, and it seems to just grow and grow! This gift would be a great one for your spouse or single not-so-handy girlfriend, brother, cousin, etc.

Just remember this might free up your weekend to go have fun instead of helping them remove drywall...let's leave that to the professionals!

Speaking of professionals, its best to get referrals, especially when using contractors or the like so check with friends, the Better Business Bureau and/or Angie's list where consumers rate contractors, service companies and doctors right in their own neighborhoods.

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Peaches May said...

May Property Services, LLC can help with all your handyman/home improvement needs! We are Charlotte's home improvement specialists! Visit our website and check out our before and after gallery of projects at

Peaches May said...

Thinking about repainting your condo or giving your master bath bathroom a facelift? May Property Services can help! We are a woman-owned, full-service handyman/home improvement company here in Charlotte. Visit our website or see before and after photos at

HoneeBee Gifts said...

Thanks for your comment, Peaches. I just checked out the site and I think its great that you include before/after photos of your handy services. My faves are the Exterior-After and Cousins' bathroom.