Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift Tip #40: Aprons

For many, this time of year calls for more time in the kitchen making tasty treats and holiday meals for family and friends. Aprons let your giftee cook the casserole, bake the pies....or pop open the microwave (I'm not judging!) while still being cute. In addition, aprons act as a barrier between cake batter and that new holiday outfit. Why not slave over the stove in style?
Here are some gift options that will take the outfit of the cook to a whole different level:

Betty Apron, Crate& Barrel
Jitterbug Apron, Anthropologie

Onyx Apron, Sur la Table

This would be a good gift for the family cook or a friend who acts as the chef at every dinner party. Bon appetit!

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