Thursday, December 23, 2010

What a Birthday! Real-Life Gift Idea

A friend passed along this great idea and I had to's a spa birthday gathering and yes, I know spas are the go-to thing to do but what makes this gift special is the extra steps this birthday girl took for her guests. What I love the most about this...

1. The Birthday Girl "It's not all about me" mentality: The Birthday Girl wants to have a great time for her birthday but also wants her friends to have a great time with her, thus she pays for each of them to enjoy a yoga class on her! She also booked a suite so they "could come and go as they please" throughout the spa day. Not to mention, she planned the whole event!

2. There's something for everyone: It's a great way to bring all your friends together and still please everyone with a variety of things to do. Everyone can enjoy yoga together, as well as lunch but also book their own favorite spa service. Massage, anyone? Mani/Pedi? You can do whatever your heart desires.

3: Beginning and Ending together: The day is to begin with yoga with all her friends and end in the suite where they can swap spa stories and discuss how great the day was...and quite possibly the host!

Here's a portion of the evite that the Birthday Girl sent to her friends....

Hello Ladies,
Soon it will be my 35th Birthday! I’d like to celebrate and start the new year off with a day of relaxation at one of my favorite places, The Carneros Inn in Napa. I have arranged a private yoga session, followed by lunch... om, yum! The morning yoga session will balance us for the day (and for the new year to come). Following yoga, we will have lunch together and partake in something sorta-like a sister circle (more details to come; there will be an assignment :)

But it doesn't end there… after lunch, you can further indulge in other spa services. The Spa has set aside a block of time for our group, and they will require each guest in our group to schedule a minimum of a 60 minute service. I have also reserved a suite for us that will serve as our base for the day… so you can come and go as you please. Once we’ve all wrapped up our afternoon activities, the plan is that we will regroup in the suite to chit chat a bit and reflect on our day.

This is a superb idea for a birthday (even if the Birthday Girl) is not the planner, as well as Girl's Day Out or Bridal Shower. I think just about any girl would love this gift.

And just so you can get even more jealous, here's some pictures of The Caneros Inn where they will have their spa and yoga day! I went on the site and the pictures really don't do it justice!


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