Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gift Tip #73: Notepad

Have you ever needed to jot something down quickly and find yourself scrambling for a scrap of paper on your desk or scribbling your to-do list on a back of a receipt? I can't be the only one,an I? I know what you're thinking...Yes, I could type my oh-so-long lists into my smartphone but somehow I never seem to go back to that list and there is something about crossing an item off my to-do list that's seems oh so right. I can be so old school sometimes!

If you're giftee is like me, they will want to have a handy dandy notepad in their midst to remember all the important things they must...well remember. Here are a few options:

Mod Floral Notepads,

letterpress to do list. eventually notepad;, seller: shopsaplingpress

Kate Spade Small Notepad set,

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