Thursday, June 30, 2011

Waaahhh! Gifts for a New Mommy

A recently saw a friend of mine and she has this cute baby bump. After I rubbed her belly (not really!) I thought WWMW- WhatWouldMommyWant. While this post won't include over the top push presents like Rachel Zoe (did you see her new ring?) it will include ways to remember all the things your new bundle of joy will do, how to make yourself comfortable during the process and what to when you get that little cutie pie home. I will share three books that are modern, informative and would make a great gift for any MTB (Mommy to Be).

This book promises tips on how to handle those long nine months of pregnancy The Baby Bump Book

This books allows you to jot down moments that turn into memories, whether it's a funny thing your tot did to a special quote that reminds you of your precious one.

Mom's One Line a Day Book

Once your little one is home, your hands will be FULL. This book of 50 songs to read, sing and hear will hold your baby's attention...and may produce the next Celine Dion. Lullaby Baby Book

Bzzz: Check out a diy hospital survival kit for new moms here from My Own Road blog. Extra treat: You can add one of the books above into the kit.

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Jen @ My Own Road said...

Thanks for featuring my Sirvival Kit!

April M. said...

Love the One Line A Day idea!! I wish I had done that with my kids when they were smaller. My kids have phrases they used to say that at the time I thought I would never forget. And of course, now I can't remember. :(

HoneeBee Gifts said...

My pleasure, Jen. Great blog!

HoneeBee Gifts said...

Thanks, April! Oh no...maybe you can start the One Line A Day now, I am sure it doesnt have to be the first five years.
Thanks for checking out my blog, stop back by soon:)