Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Importance of a Gift Closet

Busy, busy, busy--that's us, right? Truly, that is the society we live in and I wanted to share a "to-do" that will make life easier in the long run--having a gift closet. A gift closet (or drawer or cabinet) is a place to stash gifts that can be given at a moments notice. These would be a gift that would suit a variety of people (teacher, family friend, relative or neighbor) but still has your special touch on it. Some items that would be a good fit for a gift closet include candles, stationary/notecards, books, wine and more. To ensure that your special touch is seen in every item, you must pick presents that you have tried and loved, cannot live without or is simply one of your favorite things. Everyone that receives the gift will feel that you chose something you enjoy and thought they would too....and you arrive carrying the gift like the calm, poised person you are. No one ever needs to know that you pulled the item from your sanity..errr...secret stash!

photo source: Domino Mag, 2007
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