Monday, October 24, 2011

Gift Tip #89: Cake Pops from Bramia's Sweets & Treats

Cake Pops are literally what they say they are...think of a lollipop but instead of candy on top there is delicious cake to bite into! Yes, please! This concept is new to the bakery industry and gives you just enough to calm down your sweet tooth.

Bramia's Sweets & Treats specializes in these bite-size treats that come in various flavors including carrot to butter pecan. In addition, this sweet shop does something that I have not seen done with any other cake pops--they can add alcohol to the treats. Yes, that's right you can have mojito, pina colada or Jamaican rum cake pop if you so desire. I think this is a great twist on this new concept.

These delicious desserts would be a great gift for a birthday party or some other celebration...I should know I had the french vanilla and chocolate dipped in oreo cake pops at my blog launch party.

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