Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gift Tip #91: Wreaths

Tis the season, to be jolly,! There are many traditions around the holiday season..lights, some areas snow (yay!) and wreaths. While simple, I feel that a beautiful wreath perched on someone's door says "Hello Christmas".  How welcoming, don't you think? There are so many beautiful options out there and I am happy to share a few with you. I decided to share a traditional one but the others are a little more out there...hey why not have a hot pink wreath? Happy Holidays!

Crestwood Spruce Wreath - Green, Target
The old safety...while tradiitional the extra bells and whistles give it a bit of pizazz

St. Nicholas Square Shell Wreath, Kohls
Perfect for a beach home!

Hot Pink Whimsical Wings Wreath, Etsy, Seller: englishrosedesignsoh
This wreath is for those that love the holiday...but like to break the rules a bit. Who says everything has to be red and green?

Bzzz: For the do it yourself-er out there here is a link to wreaths you can create from Martha Stewart, just click here. There are 41 examples and a few of my faves are the Pepperberry Wreath, JingleBell Wreath and the Holiday Carnation Wreath.
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