Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gift Tip #102: Personalized Quote Cards

This gift tip is one I created myself  by putting together two of my favorite things: notecards (who doesn't love a handwritten note?) and quotes about life, love and simple inspiration. With this collaboration of my faves, I decided to create personalized notecards. I worked with a local stationary store on my concept: I wanted to have a few sayings that I had come across that spoke to me placed on a simple whitestock notecard. I wanted the sayings to "pop" off the page with color and various fonts. I thought the cards came out great! What do you think?

In this case, I was the recipient of the gift but so were others, as I gave out sets of the cards during my blog party,  to friends for their birthdays or "just because" and they were a hit. One of my friends said it was her best gift ever. Wowsers!

I encourage you to gift these to yourself and give out as small tokens of love/friendship....you know those gifts you leave on someone's pillow or surprise a friend with over lunch? These notecards would be perfect for that!
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