Friday, July 27, 2012

HoneeBee Gifts buzzes around SouthPark Magazine (blvd. section)

Many of you know that I blog for SouthPark Magazine but recently I have had the privilege of working with the print publication too. My first opportunity was the Father’s Day Gift Guide in June. Now, I would like for you to check out the blvd. section in this month’s SouthPark Magazine (page 15) to see a few items I shared with readers. You will find handmade glassware trays, a chic handwoven raffia clutch and more. The blvd. section highlights people, places and things to engage the SouthPark Magazine reader.

SouthPark Magazine is speciality publication under the Charlotte Observer family. It is Charlotte's premier luxury lifestyle magazine and highlights various topics including fashion, travel, philanthropy and more.
You can check out all the featured items here.

Want to pick up a copy? Please click here to find a location near you.


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