Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gift Tip 104: Frisbees

During these summer days, why not hit the park and throw a frisbee with a friend? This old school activity is as much for your buds, as it is for your favorite furry friends. Dogs enjoy catching these discs, as much as anyone. Here are a few examples:
Innova Disc Golf DX 3-Disc Set, Dick's Sporting Goods

Freestyle Frisbee Sport Disc,
Frisbee Malibu,
Take these to your next cookout or family will compliment the other outdoor games and hot dogs well!

Fun facts
  • The name Frisbee pays homage to the Frisbee Baking Company, whose pie tins were tossed around by college students in the 1920’s.
  • Toy company Wam-O first manufactured the Frisbee flying disc in 1957.
  • In 2002 in California, Christian Sandstrom, threw a disc about 820 feet—or a little longer than two football fields—to set the record for the world’s longest throw.
Bzzzz: According to national Ultimate Frisbee competitor Gregg Shapiro, “throwing a disc is a lot like hitting a backhand Ping-Pong ball. But at the end, flick your wrist to add some spin.”

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