Thursday, August 30, 2012

Out the Box: Aundrea Cline-Thomas

Out the Box is a series on HoneeBee Gifts that focuses on local community notables who share a bit about their gifting life...and a little more. I am excited to share this feature with you and I hope you enjoy this up and personal look at gifting. It's kind of like peeking into someone's closet...but much more fun!

The Gift: Aundrea Cline-Thomas
Today we are featuring Aundrea Cline-Thomas, Reporter for WTVF news station in Nashville, TN. I had the chance to meet Aundrea while she was a reporter in Charlotte but not long after meeting, WTVF scooped her up! She says that she loves how her job allows her to meet people that she wouldn't otherwise speak to. "If my story evokes some sort of emotion, whether it be happiness o anger, all the better." She is also a bit of a foodie (we met over food at Cowfish) and her favorite restaurant is Lady and Sons in Savannah.

The Wrapping: Aundrea shares just a bit of her gifting life...

Best gift received: Last year my Mom made me a photo album for my birthday. She's not crafty at all. I move alot and I don't live anywhere near my family. Getting that album filled with pictures taken throughout my life makes any new place feel like I'm a little closer to home. Along those same lines, my other favorite gift is a picture of my nephews--they are my heart!
Best gift given: I try to give people gifts that are relevant to their lives. One of my friends was studying for her medical school exams around her birthday last year so I have her a themed gift. It was tea, a blanket and candles to help her relax.
My "go-to" gift (to give): Wine or whatever alcohol they like. I also like giving candles as gifts.
What's on your wish list (to receive): My birthday is coming up and I haven't asked for anything. To me, there's nothing like being with people who know, love and support you...showing up is gift enough.
Your most recent shopping splurge: My last splurge was taking a vacation with one of my best friends for her birthday in the Spring but we did it on the cheap. I'm entirely too practical and love a bargain.
Fill in the blank: I love shopping at World Market for tea

The Bow: Let's peek into the life of Aundrea, off-air...

On a Saturday afternoon you'd most likely find work. But on Sundays (which are my Saturdays) I'm at church, at brunch with friends, reading or catching up with my family and friends.
Favorite quote...God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
I am most inspired by...People who live their lives to serve others and those who persevere in the face of adversity.
I'd love to meet...Oprah. So cliche but I would forget my name!
Bzzz...Be sure to follow Aundrea on twitter at @NC5_AundreaCT and whenever you are in Nashville, check her out on WTVF.
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