Saturday, November 17, 2012

Out the Box: Shama Patel

Out the Box is a series on HoneeBee Gifts that focuses on local community notables who share a bit about their gifting life...and a little more. I am excited to share this feature with you and I hope you enjoy this up and personal look at gifting. It's kind of like peeking into someone's closet...but much more fun!

The Gift: Shama Patel

Today we are featuring Shama Patel, Owner of Flex + Fit. She is a woman of many talents: lawyer, artist, world's fastest texter and business owner.  I was so excited about the opening of Flex + Fit that I wrote about it a month or so before it opened in Center City. I was one of the first people to share the news of this great place and have kept in touch with Shama since the opening. Her next big venture is to grow Flex + Fit and its sister studio AIR. AIR is a fitness and culinary studio offering AIR, Hot and Barre classes. She is such an inspiration--gotta love a girl that follows her dream!

The Wrapping: Shama shares just a bit of her gifting life...

Best gift received: A care package that my friend Kaajal sent to me during my first month of law school. The package was filled with "artsy" items including hand-painted cappuccino cups, charcoal pencils, artist notecards, and lots of candy. The gift was her reminder for me not to get so caught up studying that I forget to make time for the things that I love.
Best gift given: A acrylic and oil painting that I painted. My friend loves my artwork so for her 30th birthday, I gifted a painting that I created just for her.
My "go-to" gift (to give): A healthy/fun cookbook
What's on your gift wish list:  I appreciate gifts that reflect my relationship with the gift giver...something thoughtful...not necessarily an expensive, material item.
Your most recent shopping splurge: A Macbook AIR!
Fill in the blank: I love shopping on etsy for one-of-a-kind, handmade products.

The Bow: Let's peek into the life of Shama...

On a Saturday afternoon you'd most likely find me...working on graphic design work for Flex + Fit. Graphic design work is my new creative outlet since I don't have the space to paint large canvases these days.
Favorite quote...Earn the right to be vain, choose to be humble.
I am most inspired by...people. Take the time to get to know people and learn their stories--they are who inspire me in business and my personal life.
I'd love to meet...Bethenny Frankel. She came from nothing and built a global empire and brand that is an inspiration to me. She's a strong, witty woman with a sharp tongue...I find her very easy to relate with!

Bzzz...If you want to learn more about Shama and her business, visit or Also, if you are interested in becoming a franchise owner with Flex + Fit please email to obtain a franchise application.

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