Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Party Etiquette

We are on the cusp of many holiday parties so I thought I would share a few do's and don'ts so you can enjoy a season of spirited soirees...

DON'T forget to RSVP. This will help the hostess keep track of who's attending, as well as ensure there is enough food, drinks and parting gifts for everyone.

DO Bring a hostess gift. While a gracious hostess should not expect a gift, it is a wonderful gesture to someone who has invited you to their soiree. I suggest bringing something that can be easily put aside and doesn't require immediate attention.

DO Ask if you can help with anything. Some hosts will hire staff to take care of the party needs but if not be sure to see if you are able to assist. Perhaps, prepping food, making drinks or taking a few photos.

DON'T Arrive when the party is ending. We can all be fashionably late to events at times (raises hand) but showing up when people are putting on coats leaves such a bad that may get you removed from next year's guest list.

DO: Thank the hostess for the invitation and share what a great time you had at the event. A verbal thanks at the end of the night (or a couple days following the event) is great but a hand written note is even better.

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