Monday, February 18, 2013

Stationary & The Art of the Love Letter

Yes, Valentine's Day just happened but love should be spread throughout the year. So I wanted to share some tips on the art of the love letter and a few LOVE-ly cards to give to someone you care about!  

Big Kiss Card from Bobs Your Uncle

  • Get prepared-Gather your letter writing tools: pen and paper. Whether it’s notebook paper or fine stationary, be sure to write legibly and don’t even think about emailing or texting your love letter.

·         Get in the mood-Make sure you have privacy when writing your love letter and that the atmosphere is one that welcomes an open heart.

·         Hello, my name is: Use pet names or nicknames that you may only use when alone to address your significant other. This will make him/her smile and that is a great way to begin a heartfelt letter.
The One from Paper Polite

·         Leave your heart on the page- You want to be sure that your significant other knows that there is no doubt in how you feel about him/her because your emotions should ooze from the page.

·         Get specific-Share examples of how he/she means the world to you and makes your heart sing.

·         The chosen one-Tell him/her how lucky you are to have them in your life. Share personal anecdote and memories of how you met and the impact it has in your life.

·         Sealed with a kiss- Mail your love letter to your significant other for a nice surprise between bills and junk mail. Another alternative is leaving the note somewhere he/she will find it like their pillow or jacket pocket.
Bzzzz: To elevate the gift experience try custom cards, if you are in the Charlotte area Olive Paper is a great option or you can try for some other options. In the end, the words that you write will matter most of all--it's the gift and the card itself is the wrapping:)
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