Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Beauty Gifts

Image courtesy of First to Know 

Looking for some green-friendly beauty gifts that still leaves money in the bank? Well I have rounded up a few all natural products, from a mask to soap and lip gloss that helps the environment, all while making you beautiful, just in time for Earth Day. 

Created to rejuvenate skin, this mask tightens pores and leaves your face feeling fantastic. The deep cleanser includes wildcrafted seaweed and gives you a new radiant look. 

This balm that  mixes together various essential oils including sunflower and olive oil should be used to restore your skin from winter’s blues. The hypoallergenic balm promotes healthy and balanced skin. 

The relaxing fragrance of this lavender infused with chamomile soap makes lounging in the bath more enjoyable, all while moisturizing and soothing your skin. The 4 oz bar is marbled with violet ultramarine and the scent helps to relieve stress naturally. 

Derived from rose bushes, the oil is recommended for all skin types and will leave your skin looking younger, brighter and refreshed. It is especially good for those worried about environmental damage and premature aging. Who isn't, right?

Shine bright like a diamond...or maybe lip gloss instead? Burt's Bees has come up with a lip gloss that is all natural and leaves lips soft and shiny. The gloss comes in 12 shades with cute names like Spring Spender and Summer Twilight. 
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