Monday, May 27, 2013

HoneeBee Gifts Displays: Have one at your next event!

For special occasions events I have created unique gift displays that help businesses celebrate their anniversaries, launches and more.  It's been fun to get creative in a totally different way! These displays go beyond simply having a table with materials and a candy dish—my displays have included 5 ft. Christmas trees and 15 lb. televisions, along with gifts for guests, of course. These displays allow businesses to stand out among the crowd and are  a great conversation starter for guests and/or potential clients. In addition, I’ve noticed that HoneeBee Gifts displays have been used as a beautiful backdrop to many photo ops. So far, my displays have been three-dimensional and the theme is usually a direct correlation to the event.  I work directly with the event planner, share sketches (I’m not much of a sketch artist though) and/or ideas until we get the best concept for the event. Next I research and gather all the materials to make a one-of-a-kind display for the client. Here are a few photos of some of the displays I have done:

Harris & Barnes 10 year Anniversary Party at Kanvas, photo courtesy of Bluesol Photography

Pret a Portea, high fashion and tea event at Duke Mansion, photo courtesy of Green Valley Photography

Life During the Commercial Break Blog Launch Party, 10 Park Lanes, photo courtesy of my friend, Ang

If you are interested in having a gift display done for your event. Please email me at

For more photos of my gift displays and the events I have been a part of, go here. This page is overflowing with pics!
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