Monday, July 15, 2013

Out the Box: Augusta Campbell

Out the Box is a series on HoneeBee Gifts that focuses on local community notables who share a bit about their gifting life...and a little more. I am excited to share this feature with you and I hope you enjoy this up and personal look at gifting. It's kind of like peeking into someone's closet...but much more fun!

The Gift: Augusta Campbell
Before my gift scouting trips I love to research places to go/shop, people to well as leave time to simply explore. On my recent trip to Memphis, I had plans to chat with Augusta Campbell, Freelance Wardrobe Stylist and Fashion Editor of Memphis Magazine to get her insight but unfortunately our schedules couldn't mesh. I was sad that I wouldn't get a chance to chat with Campbell--I knew she would be able to share her city knowledge and shopping nuggets like only a native could (yep, born and raised!). 

Well, let me tell you how Augusta went above and beyond when she knew the chances were slim that we would meet up--she sent me an email sharing a few of her favorite places including specific names, things I should try and so on. Her tips were invaluable and some of the places she shared have now become my favorite Memphis spots too.  I was completely blown away by her southern hospitality! 
In addition, she is also a self-proclaimed Memphis city lover and loves feeling creative...all these things are evident in her gifting life so without further ado, let's learn more about Augusta Campbell...  

The Wrapping:  Augusta shares just a bit of her gifting life...
Best gift received:  Family Jewelry
Best gift given: A pair of almost never worn Balenciaga shoes.
My "go to" gift to give is:  Anything from Brave Design
What’s on your gift wish list: Gold jewelry, another dress by Ossie Clark
Your most recent shopping splurge: my vintage Oscar de la Renta dress for my son’s First Communion. And Grizzlies play off tickets!
I love shopping at Spruce for inexpensive jewelry and treasures for the home

The Bow: Let's peek into the life of Augusta, out of stylist mode...

On a Saturday afternoon you'd most likely find me: outside
Favorite quote: “You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.”-Coco Chanel
I am most inspired by: life and my family
I'd love to meet: Pablo Picasso

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