Monday, August 26, 2013

HoneeBee Gifts featured on Sleeveshirt Consulting & Banglewood Crafts

So excited to be featured by Sleeveshirt Consulting and Banglewood Crafts! It was great to share a bit about me and my baby, HoneeBee Gifts. Both Sleeveshirt and Banglewood help entrepreneurs in their own special way. Sleeveshirt Consulting works with inventors launching products, businesses looking to develop new product lines, and established brands needing targeted marketing and publicity. Banglewood Crafts is an online craft store, blog and how-to-information source that serves as a platform for artists of all kinds to display their work and tell their story. I really appreciate them sharing a bit of my story with their loyal readers & followers.
See below for each article and be sure to check out their products and services!
To see the entire Sleeveshirt Consulting article go here.

To see the entire Banglewood Crafts interview go here.
sources: sleeveshirt consulting, banglewood crafts
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