Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gift Tip #9: Luxe City Guides

Made for the avid traveller, these city guides go beyond the tourism brochures at city welcome centers and gives you an inside look into beautiful cities from Bali to New York to Tokyo.

The contents of the guides are from actual residents in the city and includes the best restaurants, hotels, spas, shopping experiences and activities. These "reviews" are then put together by a resident editor and can get a little cheeky (see my Miami example below) but do give a great perspective of each city.

Other notable items are a "very useful" section that includes where the local hospital is and interesting "to do's" for each city. For example, the Miami guide includes "Helicopters over Miami" where you can take a ride over Miami because "It looks better when you are high". There is also a "Luxe Loves" and Luxe Loathes" section.

So if a friend loves to travel, the box set which includes a selection of key cities (broken down into regions) would be a great gift or you can create your own box set. You can also opt to get a single guide and send it to a friend before his/her trip. The guides are pocket-size, colorful and chock full of city information. Here are a couple of examples of the guides:

sources: luxecityguides.com, hotelchatter.com
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