Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Spotlight: The Dating Woman's Workbook

Help! SF looking for SM who is funny, entertaining, trustworthy and loving. Hmmmm… if that is what the SF wants why does she keep coming across losers, cheaters and wimps?

The Dating Woman’s Workbook is a personalized book—for your eyes only— that helps you answer that very question. The sassy workbook allows you to detail your dating habits and instead of being a “self help” it is a “self awareness” book. First you truthfully answer questions about yourself and log your dates, which allows you to identify your dating habits and leads to self awareness. Sounds simple but the workbook really makes you more aware of your love/lust life and according to the author, Brenda Lide, “You are investing in revelations about you, and only you can control what you do with them”!

This would be a good gift for a girlfriend who always wants to know why she keeps choosing the wrong man (be sure she really wants to know before purchasing!) and for women who want to be more aware of their dating habits. Ms. Lide has also authored The Everyday Christian Workbook and is in the planning stages for additional workbooks, including The Constant Dieter's Workbook.

Speaking of Ms. Lide, I was able to ask her a few questions. See below our "photo op" for her responses…
Author Brenda Lide and me

Type of Business: The Workbook Series Publications (

Business Founded (year): 2009

Career Advice: Always do what you enjoy doing!

Essential Business philosophy: Help those who need it

Best business decision: To finally start my own business

Toughest business decision: To finally start my own business

Biggest business lesson learned: Expect "no" as an answer a thousand times, to get "yes" a handful of times

Mentors: My Parents

What gets you up in the morning: The potential to be greater than I was yesterday

Pet Peeve: Lack of communication

Favorite quote: “We are beautiful women whose flaws do not tarnish, but reflect God’s intentions.” - Me

Most influential book: The Bible

Favorite status symbol: A smile (Nothing’s better than happiness)

What inspired you start the business: Turning 35

What was your most favorite gift received: My engagement ring

What was your most favorite gift given: Trip to Vegas

Top lesson learned in business: There is always a way to achieve a goal

What sets your brand apart from competitors: It deals with the “real” not the “ideal”

What are the next steps for your company: Mass Distribution

The vibe I get from Brenda is that she really wants women to find happiness and experience love. She is currently planning her wedding and yet she still has time to help us single ladies find out who we are as dating women and help us to find what we truly want in someone special.

Fun Facts about Love and Dating:

  • On average a single person - male or female - will go out on 100 dates before getting married.
  • 8 out of 10 single people think the first kiss is a good indication of how the rest of the relationship will be.
  • Who said 'I love you' first? - 63% of women say he did, while 37% admit they were first (Glamour survey)


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The Dating Woman Workbook, wow, I'm so excited to ask some question with regards to my dating experiences.