Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gift Insight

I was looking through my HoneeBee files for inspiration and came across an old article from Allure Magazine. The article shares tips on how to give a personal gift from the perspective of Mario Buatta, interior designer who has worked with Mariah Carey and Barbara Walters. The information was so good that I clipped the article and will be sharing these tips with you over the next few days. Without further ado....

Gift Insight #1: Don't be boring. When you give a gift certificate, its like admitting that you didn't put any thought into your gift. (sidenote: I don't totally agree with that statement but Buatta has his opinion. If I were to give a gc I would jazz it up with a personal touch but all in all gc's are fine, not fabulous, but fine). If your friend talks about a specific restaurant, take her to dinner there. If she has a favorite spa, set her up with specific treatments. I love mailing sterling-silver postcards from Links of London. The recipient's name, address, and your message are all engraved, and it can be used as a paperweight for years. And I recently gave someone a few hours of chauffeured car service in New York City. It was something she never would have done on her own.

This gift insight was great...while I think gift certificates can be given-they must be jazzed up. His thoughts on taking the person to a restaurant that they have raved about in the past is a great way to show your friend that you were listening when she said how great that filet mignon was or how delectable the dessert at XYZ spot. I also love the chauffeur idea, while most of us are not in NYC this can still be adapted to our lifestyle. For example, for a special night out instead of driving to dinner have a car service pick you and your boo up for a night out on the town. Now that's a memory!
source: Allure article, zazzle.com
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