Friday, November 12, 2010

Gift Tip: 37: Go VIP while partying

Maybe it's a special someone's birthday or you just haven't been out in a while and you want to party in style. You should consider purchasing a table/lounge area for the evening. It can make for a much more pleasurable evening. My top three reasons why:

  1. It let's you rest your feet! Ladies, I know you sometimes where the sexy, sky high heels and around midnight you need to rest your tootsies. Rest em' VIP style.

  2. It's so much easier to get drinks because you usually have a waitress assigned to your table/couch/etc that comes by to take your order. (sidenote: Don't forget to tip!)

  3. You have a ready-made dance floor. You can dance around (or on) your table all night.

But seriously, not every night needs to be a "get a table" night but why not break the monotony for that 30th birthday party or "I got a promotion" celebration? I am sure it will be a night of fun and foolery!

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