Tuesday, November 16, 2010


While I believe every season is gift season THIS month is when gifts are most thought about most by the masses- the holiday season! Stores are having sales, magazines are highlighting the best gifts for every one on your list and well I could not be happier.

Gifts are taking center stage (like Diana Ross in The Supremes and Beyonce in Destiny's Child) and I'm lovin it so get out there and make someone happy with a lil something something for the season. Be sure to check the HoneeBee archives for gift ideas as well as current posts as I will be in full force with gift ideas for the season.

Happy Holidays. Be Thankful. Buy and Give. Lead with Love.

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Judy said...

i love the holiday gift giving season. my list continues to grow and every year i feel like i have a harder time deciding what to buy people. however, i have found the perfect gift for my sister who is always getting lost; a Tomtom GPS. now she will be able to make it from point a to point b without having to call looking for directions every 35 seconds. i found it on a site called oneclickdirect.com. it was discounted a lot and i received a coupon for becoming a fan of them on facebook. now i just have to tackle the other five people on my list and we're good to go.

HoneeBee Gifts said...

Thanks for your comment Judy and I am glad you were able to find a gift for your sister!