Monday, November 8, 2010

The Spotlight: Dessert Specialists

Dessert Specialists is small operation with big ideas and tasty chocolates. The business has speciality desserts such as cakes, cookies and of course chocolates that are simply delicious! If you have ever spoken with co-owner Sadruddin Abdullah you can tell how passionate he is about his business. Having appeared on The Food Network, received many awards and currently teaching at Johnson & Wales University under the schools' culinary arts program, Abdullah backs up his passion with experience. As a part of the dessert experience, Dessert Specialists offer a chocolate of the month club, chocolate and wine pairing experience (this item was very popular at the PRSA Awards event!) and much more!

Straight from the horse's mouth (Dessert Specialist's website)
It is our goal to create unique and innovative dessert experiences for our customers. It is our promise to exceed your expectations with every bite. We quickly learned that you cannot make great food with mediocre ingredients. Therefore, we are committed to using the finest ingredients in the world. For example, we only use the finest European chocolate.
We are equally committed to the artisan techniques of our craft. All of our chocolates are made by hand, we don’t maintain large inventories of product, and we customize our products just for you. We will never be the biggest specialty dessert company, but we will always be the best.

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