Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's my Birthday!

It's My Birthday...oh what to do!?!

I plan on gifting myself a few things...some have been set in motion and others are still thoughts dancing in my head, which is cool because I celebrate throughout the month. Here are some thoughts...

Fun with the Girls...maybe a mani/pedi with a girl talk session thrown in or dancing the night away!Dinner at a new restaurant including dessert for the Birthday Girl
Maybe a bit of travel Oh! and...
of course there will be shopping!

I wonder what I will gift myself this year?
Seriously though, I feel that I have many gifts in my life, one being this blog and I am grateful to those that read it, comment and share. Thank you!! I will be out of pocket having loads of bday fun but will reconvene next week with fab posts!

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