Sunday, March 6, 2011

What to get a Mommy To Be (MTB)

I saw a tweet from Rachel Clapp asking "Who has a good gift idea to celebrate someone's pregnancy - she's 3 months. Gift for her not baby...?" She inspired me to answer this question below.

It's completely natural for Moms to be overlooked once the baby arrives but is that really fair? NOOOO! Moms do all the work and deserve gifts just for them...and I don't mean diapers and cutesy outfits. Here are some options for Moms to be (MTB).

Maternity massage: Let MTB relax with a wonderful massage. It may be the last time she will be able to relax like this for some time.
Mommy Jewelry: Give MTB a new piece of jewelry that represents her soon to be new mommy status like a charm/ring etc that includes the birthstone of the new baby.
Day of Beauty: Give her a little me time by taking her to get her nails done at a top salon.
Digital Camera: To document her MTB status and share with her little cutie pie once he/she arrives.
Do a Grocery run for Mom-to-be: Take a hour or so and get the MTB all the items she's been craving while pregnant and some household items (like paper towels and dish detergent) that always seem to disappear.
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